First Spine Poem: “Daniel Finds a Poem” #SOL17


May I be a little bit silly today? It’s Friday, after all,  and it’s the first week back after February vacation. I apologize up front for the juvenile ending to this, my first attempt at a spine poem, but the last two books were just sitting there on the shelf begging to be included! Yup, they were. I couldn’t ignore them! Here goes.

Daniel finds a poem,

A poem for Peter,

Lost in the woods.

Every day birds,

Waiting for wings,

Sweep up the sun.

Forest has a song!

Animal tracks,

Over and under the snow.

Whose poop is that?

I wanna go home!

Christie Wyman, 2017

Book credits:

  • Daniel Finds a Poem (Archer)
  • A Poem for Peter (Pinkney)
  • Lost In The Woods (Sams/Stoick)
  • Every Day Birds (Ludwig VanDerwater)
  • Waiting for Wings (Ehlert)
  • Sweep Up The Sun (Frost)
  • Forest Has A Song (Ludwig VanDerwater)
  • Animal Tracks: Wild Poems to Read Aloud (Gihigna)
  • Over and Under the Snow (Messner)
  • Whose Poop Is That? (Lunde)
  • I Wanna Go Home (Orloff)



13 thoughts on “First Spine Poem: “Daniel Finds a Poem” #SOL17

  1. This poem is such an exercise on the importance of punctuation. I tried reading bottom to top and it made no sense. Then I read what you wrote and it was funny and of course, made sense.


    Liked by 1 person

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