Wandering Wednesday #SOL17

As a first-time slicer and writing newbie, I’m amazed at where writing ideas come from. They are just about everywhere, and I’m having fun wandering through life and stopping to notice them. Who’d have thought 22 days ago that I’d be inspired to slice because of:

  • a slice of cake
  • a refugee student
  • an impending snow day
  • the spines of 10 favorite books
  • a PE class
  • a 19th century female fossilist
  • snow and squirrels
  • a train and a trip
  • washing dishes
  • the act of writing
  • roads treated for snow
  • bacon and eggs
  • EdCamp
  • Queen Victoria
  • the weather report
  • Twizzlers
  • the block area
  • a quiet moment
  • a little boy, his book, and his inspiration
  • a trip to Trader Joe’s
  • a snail
  • my grandmother

Thanks for taking me on your writing journey. I’ve loved having all of you along for this 31 day wander through life. Can’t believe there are only 9 more days left!

This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my first time slicing, I’m a slice planner, and an early morning slicer, too!


11 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday #SOL17

  1. A list like this is a great way to notice the topics and where the ideas come from. I hope you continue slicing on Tuesdays. It is so hard to get to know everyone this month because there are just so many. Tuesdays are where the community really gels. Plus, you know what they say about muscles, even writing ones, if you don’t use them, you lose them.

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    1. I have to say, Leigh Anne, I never actually thought about growing a new PLN to share, learn and grow with regularly when I began slicing this month. I really just thought I’d work on those writing muscles and perhaps occasionally someone might choose “like” or make a comment. It’s been just amazing, and I’m excited about getting to know everyone better.


  2. I’m glad it’s been a great ride so far! I can agree that the ideas are out there. I’m finding it difficult to develop the ideas. Truthfully it’s a time thing because like you I’m a planner. I hope I’ll see on Tuesdays. I look forward to seeing what you’ll share on the last nine days!

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