Extended Currently #SOL17

A week or so ago I tried the basic “currently” format as a slice, but I then saw an extended “currently,” which paints a broader picture of life and it’s busyness. It made me realize how much we all have going on concurrently.

March 26, 2017

Watching: the snow gradually melting, back episodes of “Life in Pieces” (hilarious), and anticipating tonight’sTo Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisterson PBS.

Listening: to “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” on NPR, Sting’s new 57th & 9th CD,  back episodes of the Note to Self podcast, and to my ELL students from Germany and Syria and marveling at their ever-expanding  use of the English language.

Appreciating: my husband, some quiet time alone, the return of birds to my yard, and that spring bulbs appear to have survived the latest snowstorm two weeks ago.

Loving: a rainy day, the warmth of a fleece blanket, that my gray roots have been dealt with for another month, and Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins from Trader Joe’s.

DrinkingTazo Ginger Tea, strong coffee, a glass of Riesling, and lemon bubble water — not all at the same time!

Wishing: it was March 27th so I could register for Shawna Coppola’s NH Literacy Institute writing course, the sun was out, and that it was April vacation so I can dive head first into my stack of books that are calling to me.

Planning: the next three weeks before April Vacation, my last five slices, our trip to England this summer, and an evening out to see Kong: Skull Island — it’s my husband’s turn to pick a movie. I picked Lion two weeks ago.

Reading: lots of wonderful slices, supportive comments from my new writing/slicing PLN, the latest posts on my Mindfulness Fundamentals online course, Ian McEwan’s The Child in Time, and the latest issues of The Economist and National Geographic.

What are you currently up to?

This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my first year slicing, I’m a planner, and apparently an “Early Morning Slicer,” too!

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