Poetry in Bloom! #PoetryFriday #NPM17


On this Poetry Friday during National Poetry Month, I gave my Kindergarten poets an on-demand writing challenge. Their task was to write a poem inspired by the still life they painted in Art class last week. We discussed several forms they are familiar with, including list and five senses poems. After brainstorming with a writing buddy, they got down to work. After just a few minutes, words started to bloom on their pages. Here is just a “bud vase” filled with spring joy.


All that is good about spring.


I love how Trevor addressed the flower, don’t you? And plants DO participate in the making of oxygen, don’t they?


I want to hug spring, too!


Love the sentiment that “birds are pretty and gracious.”

Please be sure to visit Irene Latham at Live Your Poem for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.29.19 PM


11 thoughts on “Poetry in Bloom! #PoetryFriday #NPM17

  1. Oh these poems fill me with sunshine and flowers! I particularly love the address to the flower. What a beautiful job these young poets have done. Thank you!

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  2. Thank goodness your students have you to foster their writing AND to appreciate it! What precious buds of poets you have. I love how you embedded the NPM poster into your post, too. Have a great week.

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