Spring Break Ten for Tuesday #SOL

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I was inspired by Wahoo Teacher’s “Ten for Tuesday” post last week. Having just wrapped up spring break, I, too, have a list to share. It was a staycation for me in spring-like New England. A little time alone, with family, with my husband, and with nature. Note: The above photo (with fun filter) was taken during #8’s walk in Walden Woods. 

10. Set up the yard and farmer’s porch for summer, putting out bird baths, rocking chairs, and hose guards.

9. Celebrated Easter with family and had a ruthless all-adult candy hunt. Indoors this year, as it was close to 80 degrees. Take no prisoners!

8. Enjoyed Patriot’s Day with at an annual pancake breakfast in historic Concord Center, a walk in Walden Woods, and a first ice cream of the season at Kimball’s in Carlisle — Salty Caramel Pretzel.

7. Revisited Walden Woods and ice cream, this time Musket Ball Malt (vanilla with malted milk balls) at Reasons to Be Cheerful in West Concord.

6. Tidied my Kindergarten classroom a bit, setting up our tadpole and frog investigation center. We are collecting our Wood Frog eggs from our vernal pool today with a conservation biologist!

5. Finalized a few details for our fossiling and hiking trip this summer to Lyme Regis on the south coast of England. We are going to hike sections of the Southwest Coast Path in Dorset and Devon. (To learn more about the book that inspired this trip, you might like to read my SOL about it.)

4. Escaped to nearby New Hampshire for a mini-break over this past weekend. Highlights included a quick tour of the UNH campus (ahead of a week there in July at the NH Literacy Institutes), attending the March for Science/Portsmouth, watching the waves rolling in and out while sitting on the rocks at Rye Beach, and enjoying a first lobster roll of the season visiting our favorite oceanfront hangout, B.G.’s Boathouse.

3. Read, read, and read some more. I finished Ian McEwan’s Child in Time, began Richard Higgins’ Thoreau and the Language of Trees, and got lost for hours in Jen Serravallo’s masterpiece, The Writing Strategies Book.

2. Changed clothes over from winter to summer, which of course triggered our unusually warm temps to plummet!

1. Rested and recharged my batteries, so I’m ready to tackle the last 8 1/2 weeks of school. We got this!


Many thanks to Two Writing Teachers for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life each Tuesday.


7 thoughts on “Spring Break Ten for Tuesday #SOL

  1. As much as I like vacations, I think staycations a wonderful. Yours sounds grand! Salty Caramel Pretzel ice cream — a great sign that summer is coming.

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