#DavidMcCord Memories on #PoetryFriday #PoetryLove

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The first poet I was introduced to as a child was David McCord. He lived in Boston and used to visit schools, libraries, and bookstores in the area quite a bit in the 1970s.


I vividly remember attending several of his school assemblies and a book signing or two with my mother. I still have my books from these events and I treasure them in a new way as a teacher of young poets and readers.


My prized possession, which I read again and again, is this signed copy of One at a Time from one of his visits in 1977. I was 12 and in awe. It made me feel special that he not only wrote my name, but spelled it correctly. (Most people didn’t!) And the gulls, well, they were a bonus!

Back in 2013, Renee LaTulippe shined the spotlight on him on her wonderfully poetic site, No Water River. You can read her post here to learn more about Mr. McCord and hear Lee Bennett Hopkins reminiscing about time spent with him.

There are two poems of his that are favorites of mine and I’d like to share them with you, if I may. I adored their rhythm, alliteration, and rhyme as a child and do to this day. His fabulous Boston Brahmin baritone voice still lingers in my memory. It’s a shame there are no recordings of him reciting his work, that I know of.

The Pickety Fence

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Every Time I Climb a Treeby David McCord

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Margaret at Reflections on the Teche is graciously hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. Why not join us there and spread some poetry love!

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18 thoughts on “#DavidMcCord Memories on #PoetryFriday #PoetryLove

  1. I remember “The Pickety Fence” well from my grandmother. These certainly are lovely memories you have of David McCord.


  2. I envy you having met David McCord – and a signed book! Sweet! I’ve always loved “Every Time I Climb a Tree” – reminds me of my childhood and climbing the big old pine in our woods. Not good for pants or pitch on the hands!


  3. This is such a beautiful post. I remember meeting an author I loved as a child, too, and it was such an amazing experience, and really eye-opening to realise that this author was a real person, just like me. Meeting authors can be such a thrilling and inspiring experience for young people, I really wish.more young people had that opportunity!


  4. Such a wonderful post on David McCord! I don’t know all his poems, but I’ve always carried one in my memory – “This Is My Rock”. I love your inscribed book, and the gulls.


  5. Love hearing about your David McCord memories — and that signed book is a special treasure! I admit I haven’t read nearly as much of his work as I would like and now you’ve inspired me to read more. Enjoyed both poems; such a child-like spirit!

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  6. I love “Pickety Fence”… my brothers and I often used a “rickety stick” on a “pickety fence” on the street we walked to and from school each day. We’d run it low along the fence so as not to mark the pickets but still make the “clickety” noise. Thanks for sharing your memories!

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  7. Wonderful poems! I think I want to use them as mentor texts….and try to find some rhythm half as good. I too have some favorite books from childhood stashed away. They are so special to me now. I know there is SO much to do at the end of the year. It’s all going to be over so fast and we are going to miss those kids!
    Enjoy the precious moments while you can. It’s a cray cray ride at the end.

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  8. Christie, I am surprised that I did not comment on your post. I read it last week. I am glad that you introduced me to David McCord’s poetry. I wish I could hear an audio of his work. At least I have been introduced to his poetry. Thank you.

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