My Poetry Bro #PoetryFriday


This is Jonah. He is one very special Kindergarten writer. He’s been writing poetry like crazy this year. Last week he asked if we could write a haiku together. Of course my answer was YES! He said this made us “Poetry Bros” and then my heart melted! Here’s our haiku, inspired by our classroom tadpole tank.

mystery corner

why do the tadpoles go there

why do they like it

Whenever we nailed the syllable count in a line, he’d fist pump and say “YESSSSS!” Later on, our class was joking that the dark corner in the tank behind the rock is a hangout, like Starbucks, for tadpoles. There is always a cluster of them there. Why? The class suggested they’d be drinking coffee, eating croissants, and typing on their laptops. Who knew 6-year olds were so observant! This hilarious conversation inspired me to write:

tadpole tablet time

murky screens with games to play

catching fairy shrimp


In May, Jonah teamed up with his First Grade Buddy to write a haiku. Here’s what they came up with. Their inspiration was a picture of a shark.

the shark has sharp teeth

the seagull is getting chased

the shark is scary

Enthusiastic writers like Jonah make it all worthwhile. I wish all of you a Jonah in your teaching life!


Buffy at Buffy’s Blog is graciously hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. Why not join us there and spread some poetry love!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM


19 thoughts on “My Poetry Bro #PoetryFriday

  1. Christie, it is amazing how far your kinders like Jonah have grown as Young Poets. You must be smiling every day you enter your classroom. As for Jonah, his smile shows how proud he is of his poetic skills, describing words, poetic count, and his new term, Poetry Bros. Keep on bringing the love of poetry to your kinders and keep me posted about their writings.

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  2. Re: Hosting a Poetry Friday roundup
    We’re glad you’ve joined us! The next chance to sign up to host is December for the January-June schedule, so if you want one of those December slots, give a shout!

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  3. Oh my gosh, Poetry Bros. I love that. High-five to Jonah. I especially like the mystery of the tadpoles and their favorite spot for hanging out.

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