Almost There #PoetryFriday

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.56.41 PM

For fellow SOL Slicers, this poem might look familiar. It was my slice from this week — 2.0. It actually started out just as a list of things done and yet-to-be done, but somehow morphed into a poem about the last day or two of school. Since Tuesday, I’ve had a chance to mess around with it a bit and use a little Canva watermelon background magic. As Lucy Calkins says in the TCRWP Writing Units of Study, “When you think you’re done, you’ve just begun.” Happy summer!


Heidi at My Juice Little Universe is graciously hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. Why not join us there and spread some poetry love!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM


27 thoughts on “Almost There #PoetryFriday

  1. Christie, I wish I was there giving your young poets a hug after the technology got unplugged! What a delightful poem. When the Spring Gallery comes out will there be a way to communicate with your students so they can see that they were mentioned. I looked back at the first poems they sent me and it is wonderful seeing their progress as poets.

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  2. Nice job! Like the yellow school bus juxtaposed on the yellow watermelon background. From the poem, I especially like “promises kept” and “children hugged.” 🙂 Enjoy your summer vacation!

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  3. Love your poem! It so succinctly presented the end of the year in an elementary building. I have been an instructional coach for 3 years, but am returning to the classroom this fall. Your poem brings me JOY as I contemplate the reality this will be my experience next year!

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  4. Christie, it’s nice to meet you properly at last. Congratulations on ending your school year with many important items crossed off your list–and many nice rhymes, too! Have you really done a 30-day writing streak during these last weeks? Brava!

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