Near Disaster! #SOL

My husband handed me his laptop bag and asked, “Will you carry this for me?” He then removed his suitcase and backpack from the back seat, and shut the car door. We made our way inside the Logan Airport Express bus terminal, so he could buy his ticket. It was still 30 minutes before the 3:00 bus was due to depart, but the line was already quite long and boarding had begun. It was the 4th of July weekend, so this wasn’t really a surprise. My husband joined the queue and it wasn’t long before the driver took his suitcase and placed it in the hold. He moved towards the door and we said a quick goodbye. He was one of the last passengers to board, so things moved a bit more quickly than we had anticipated. I followed my husband’s outline as he made his way down the aisle to find a seat. If it wasn’t for his silvery hair, I wouldn’t have been able to make out which shadow was his in the window. We waved, the driver slammed the cargo hold shut, and boarded the bus himself

It was then that I became aware of the weight baring down on my left shoulder. HIS LAPTOP BAG! My heart began to race and I instantly broke out in an adrenaline-charged sweat. I ran for the door and banged loudly on the glass. The driver saw me, but then looked away, and made no attempt to open the door. HELP! I looked up and saw my husband running up the aisle to the front of the bus. He engaged the driver in conversation (heated, I later learned) and after a bit of a delay, the door finally opened and I handed my husband the bag. PHEW! My husband was flying to London later that evening to begin a week of research in the archives at Oxford University for a book he is working on. His laptop was absolutely essential. As the bus pulled away, my heart continued to pound, and I slowly returned to my car. I sat in numbed silence while the air conditioning brought my escalated body temperature gradually down, and my heart slowly recovered. As I sat there, unable to drive just yet, my mind replayed the near disastrous scenario over and over again, “Groundhog Day” style.  It then occurred to me that not only did the bag contain his computer, but it also held all of his travel documents and passport.


Many thanks to the crew at  Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?


8 thoughts on “Near Disaster! #SOL

  1. Short story loaded with suspense. The pieces – the goodbye, the suitcase, the crowd, the laptop bag, the purpose of the trip – intricately and intentionally woven together to capture the intensity of the slice of life. Bravo! Now I want your husband to slice his heated conversation with the bus driver!

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