#GoldenCap #PoetryFriday

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Last week during our vacation, my husband and I climbed Golden Cap, the highest peak on the south coast of England — the Jurassic Coast. (Click here to learn more.) My offering this Poetry Friday is a tanka found among the lines of Andrew Blakemore’s Golden Cap, like fossils found amongst the pebbles by beachcombers on shore below.

Golden Cap rises


Golden Cap rises

Above sparkling blue water

Gulls circling, soaring

Heathered slopes beckoning all

To ascend and join the clouds


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Golden Cap by Andrew Blakemore

Golden Cap views from its peak so enchanting
Across the blue waters to Lyme Regis bay,
The fine pearl of Dorset her Cobb and the harbour
Her houses a paint-box of colour this day.

I walk through the grass on this heavenly hillside
That’s rising so steeply to Corsican Pine,
I stand there and gaze at the south coast of England
And know that these riches shall always be mine.

(click here for more)


Katie over at The Logonauts is graciously hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. Why not join us there and spread some poetry love!

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12 thoughts on “#GoldenCap #PoetryFriday

  1. Oh, your trip has been wonderful to read about, and now this gorgeous picture and poem, too. That countryside is inspiring. Love your beckoning to “join the clouds”.

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  2. If there is a Jurassic Coast Tourism Board, they should hire you to write their ads. Your tanka and photos do beckon all to visit those “heathered slopes.” I am completely enchanted! Thank you sharing your memories with us.

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