I’m Not Going to Lie #SOL

Many thanks to poetry pal Linda Mitchell at A Word Edgewise for “auctioning off” first lines for inspiration in her Poetry Friday offering last Friday. (Curious? Click here! to learn more!) I’m not using the one I “bought” at the auction, but I know she won’t mind my using “I’m not going to lie…” instead for a slice. 


I’m not going to lie. The thought of being a student again this week at NH Literacy Institute at UNH terrifies me. Give me a room of 20 Kindergarteners any day, but sit in an unfamiliar classroom with complete strangers sharing my thoughts and ideas about writing? Scary!

Now I participate in SOL on Two Writing Teachers almost every week, as well as Poetry Friday, so why should this terrify me? After all, I’m sharing my innermost thoughts and darkest secrets with strangers on this blog. Crazy…I know! I confess that I do hesitate to hit the “publish” button when each post is ready, but cyberspace acts as a barrier. It stands between me and potential readers. It makes it OK, because we don’t actually know each other. If I receive feedback, terrific! And I’ll never know who read my work and didn’t feel inspired to comment. It’s all good.

Writing is personal. It’s a bit like insisting a friend or colleague read a favorite book of yours. You force your copy upon them and then hope they love it as much as you do. What if they don’t? What will they think of you?

So I’m two days in and I like it! There are just seven of us and we have varying degrees of experience and student-age expertise. My instructor has made it a safe environment to share, learn, and play around with writing. There’s a nice “we’re all in this together” and “let’s have fun” vibe. Phew! And the dorm living, dining hall eating, and $100 parking ticket in my first hour on campus? Well, that’s just part of the experience. Maybe there’s a slice coming about that! And now to tackle my daily homework. Yes, there’s homework!


Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?



3 thoughts on “I’m Not Going to Lie #SOL

  1. What an exciting experience for you! I can so relate to all that you shared about writing, blogging and this class you’re in. I hope you’ll share more about your experience. I love how you took a line from Linda Mitchell’s fabulous Poetry Friday post and changed it into a slice. I think I’m going to steal that idea!

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  2. There is so much that I loved about your slice. First, it reminded me of my venture into graduate school more than a decade ago. Then, I loved your thoughts on sharing your writing. I hope that you will continue to blog about your experiences on campus!


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