New Kindergarten Poets #PoetryFriday

Last Friday I shared the poem I would be using to kick off a new year of poetry love in my Kindergarten class — Back to School. (Click here to read that post.) My young poets have been with me now for just three days and they have fully embraced our Poem of the Week routine, as well as their Poetry Folders. When asked what a poem was, one young lady shared that it was “like a very small story” and a young gentleman shared that “they rhyme a lot!” A very small story, indeed, and while we will be reading lots of rhyming poetry, we will certainly be reading and writing lots of non-rhyming poetry as well.


When we study a poem written by someone else, we spend time talking about how it makes us feel, and what we see in our heads when we listen to the words. Here is just a sampling of what we envision for Back to School.

P.S. Remember the young lady who said a poem was like a very small story? At the end of the day today when asked in front of the class what her favorite thing we did all week was, she said learning a poem and having a special place to put it. When I announced there would be a new poem to study on Monday her face lit up. I think we are going to get along pretty well!


Matt, our poetry pal from Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme, is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday. Why not join us there and spread some poetry love! He certainly has lots of exciting news to share with all of us. Congratulations, Matt, on your successful book launch!Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM

12 thoughts on “New Kindergarten Poets #PoetryFriday

    1. Think I’m going to go with the text to a greeting song we’ll be using!
      “Hello, neighbor.
      What do you say?
      It’s going to be a wonderful day!
      Greet your neighbor,
      And boogie on down.
      Give a little bump,
      And turn around!”


  1. When I was a lit coach, one of my colleagues who taught those young students began a poem of the week too, which they copied into their journals after discussing it. We found that soon enough they began looking for more poems they liked and writing their own. Just that exposure made a big impact. I love hearing what you’re doing!

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