Ignoring #SOL

I’m slicing for the first time since the hectic first semester of school. Yesterday’s #DWHabit “ignore” inspired the following.


I’m ignoring

the snow banks — they aren’t going anywhere soon.

the frigid temps — my coffee mug keeps my hands warm.

I’m ignoring

the dust bunnies — shouldn’t they be hibernating?

the dishes in the sink — what kind of bird is that at the feeder?

I’m ignoring

the laundry — the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has me hooked.

the pile of bills — I have daydreaming to do!

I’m ignoring

the phone — my book is too good.

the ping of emails — my writer’s notebook beckons.

I’m ignoring


16 thoughts on “Ignoring #SOL

  1. Love this. I also like to ignore things like shoveling the snow. Hey, God put it there he will get rid of it in His good time. Why waste time doing a few dishes when you can let them pile up and then do a bunch at once. Makes you feel like you have accomplished something. There are books to read, birds to watch, blogs to write. Life to live. All of these are much more important.

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  2. INSPIRING!! I so love this poem, Christie! Wonderful word choice and such an excellent illustration of a busy life where one deliberately chooses what is important and what is not. Does this type of poetry have a name? I’m such a newbie to poetry

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