Eek! A… #SOL18

…mouse! There I was, sitting quietly writing on the couch in the den when I heard the dreaded noise. An ever-so-quiet scratch, scratch, scratch. But where was it coming from? I glanced up and across the adjoining dining room. My eyes were immediately drawn to the long curtains just gracing the floor. Halfway up, something was moving. A fly? Bigger. A beetle or June Bug? This time of year? Not likely. As I moved closer it became clear. The tiniest mouse was clinging to the floral print. How? Why? Just then it dropped to the floor and scurried under the wine rack. Under the side board. “HELP!” I cried out to my husband in the next room. “I need your help!” When he arrived to keep watch, I dashed to the kitchen and opened a cabinet with baking dishes. A colander! That will allow it to breath. “He’s so cute and so scared,” my husband said, as he corralled him in the lid of a cardboard box nearby. With box underneath and colander on top, he escorted him to the porch off the kitchen. As he gently placed the box lid down and he made his exit, the mouse turned and looked back in the direction of the house, but then scampered over the side of the porch and into the frigid, dark abyss. Our hope is that he snuck into the house that afternoon, seeking warmth from the arctic temps that have returned to the Northeast after a 72-hour reprieve. When I returned from the grocery store I left the porch door slightly ajar while making several trips between the car and the house. Our hope is that he isn’t one of approximately 10, the average size of a mouse litter, possibly wintering in our house somewhere. Where there’s one…


Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?


12 thoughts on “Eek! A… #SOL18

  1. This made me smile. Living with a field behind up we sometimes get a field mouse or two pay us a visit during the winter. The cats are no help. They think it is neat having a toy that moves on its own.

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  2. It’s always interesting to me how writing a play by play can be so difficult to actually make the scene believable. This post was great! I was right there with you the whole time. I hope you don’t have nesting mice but you have found a humane way to deal with them…shoo them out to the cold.

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  3. Ugh. I know that feeling. I was right there with you throughout this piece. We’ve had a few mice in our Home over the years and I’m so unsettled knowing they may be lurking about. Here’s to hoping it was just that one!

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  4. Christie, I agree with Margaret. This post kept me in suspense as to what would come next. EEK is right! Winter does draw the mice inside. I hope I don’t see any come my way. I have had my share of mice in the past.

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  5. Mouse tales are pretty much a given around our old country home and I blogged this fall about one of our nighttime experiences. I was right with you along yours. I admire your humane approach. Ours involves cats.

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