Poetic Journey #PoetryFriday

I often wonder about the writing journey my Kindergarten poets will take as they move through elementary school. I love poetry and encourage my young writers to welcome poetry into their hearts, minds, and lives. But what happens when they leave? Will they be encouraged to continue flexing their poetic muscles? For some of my students, poetry is where they found their writing power, their voice. But what if that power isn’t nurtured. What then?

Each grade in my district dabbles in poetry as part of the writing curriculum. The First Graders write a bit of haiku when they study Japanese culture in the spring. The Second Graders have unit of poetry in their curriculum, but if the teacher isn’t passionate about poetry, where will it lead? What excites me is the opportunity our Third Graders have to work with a poet-in-residence. A local poet visits with the whole grade, then individual classes, and finally individual students over a period of weeks. Our art teacher works in collaboration with them, giving them the time and space to create works of art to accompany and amplify their words. Each year I take great pleasure in peaking at all of their work, but I mostly enjoy seeing where my Kindergarten poets have travelled to on their journey. Here are just a few samples. (Click on the image to zoom in on the text.) As you can imagine, I am beaming with pride for them at not only their work, but the journey they’ve clearly taken.

Rainbow Waterfall — Water rushes down Like a flock of Birds. Can you feel the refreshing mist? Water white as snow. Water like a crystal. Shining in spring sun. Cascades drop down like lazy sloths. Listen closely. Can you hear The birds singing to THE RAINBOW Waterfall?
Buds to Trees — I see a seed/From an apple to a seed/I see a sapling/I see a tree/From sapling to a tree/ I see a bud/From a tree to a bud/I see a blossom/From a bud to a blossom/I see a apple/From a blossom to a apple/I see a seed/From apple to a seed/I see Change change change
Spotless Shell — Shell stuck in seaweed/Under the sea/Chip/By chip/The shell cracks/Washes ashore wrapped in seaweed/Soon a point/Peeks out into the sand/The seaweed/Is unraveling/And……/SPLASH!/There it was/The………/HEART of the shell/Like sitting on the top /Of my shell in/My room


Mountain High — Reflection/like a painting in the water/soooo tall/like you’re Lebron James/you’re reaching into the sky/like Lebron James/reaching to the hoop/Slam dunk!!!!!


Nantucket Sunset — Summer sun/Paints a picture/Of a pink sea rose/Unwrapping her color/Blue waves crash on golden sand/As we run under the pink and orange sky/My sister and I/Following footprints across the golden sand/Under the summer sun/A big yellow jewel shining bright/On the calm blue waves of Nantucket


Jone at Check It Out is hosting this week’s poetry party. Won’t you join us there?

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM

12 thoughts on “Poetic Journey #PoetryFriday

  1. These are amazing! Do you write these collaboratively? How much direction do you give? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom. I worry, too, about where my young poets will go after they leave me. They go on to middle school and poetry is seldom continued from what I hear from past students and parents. I only hope that the seed I planted remains and will grow when the time is right. Thanks for sharing your students’ work. I love it!


  2. Wonderful! But look who they had for their Kinder teacher! 🙂 I love that you celebrate their “journey.” I’m partial to “Nantucket Sunset” –especially like the the last lines.

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  3. An extraordinary and vivid collection of poems and art Christy! I loved this from the waterfall poem, “Cascades drop down like lazy sloths.” Wonderful analogy, thanks for sharing this rich collection from your earlier students!

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