Are you ready? #SOL18

Slice posts formatted and ready?

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.46.04 AM


Slice draft ideas ready in Word?

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.50.37 AM


Padlet of writing ideas ready?

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.51.20 AM

Check! (Here’s the link if you’d like to use it/copy it.)

Teach Write’s Daily Writing Project prompt record ready? (Click here to subscribe!)



I’m as ready as I can be. What are you doing to get ready for the 2018 Slice of Life Challenge on Two Writing Teachers? Let us know. We can all learn from each other! 🙂


Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?


15 thoughts on “Are you ready? #SOL18

  1. Talk about organization. Wish I were that way. My plan for the month is get up, get out of bet, sit at the computer, hope for inspiration. Not the best plan in the world.


  2. Wow! You’ve got lots ready to roll. I’m impressed and thanks for sharing! February has been fun! And I too am proud of what I accomplished. Here’s to March and 31 Slices!!


  3. Thanks for sharing the Padlet of ideas! I’m borrowing that one. I still have yet to set up my 31 posts, but I will! Here. We. Go!!!


  4. I am not ready. I am taking five graduate course credits, speaking at a conference in two weeks, taking a trip out of town tomorrow to another state to see my son at college, running a garden club, and looking for a new job. I am not ready. But, I was a new slicer last year and have written a blog AND posted it almost everyday since. It will all be okay – even though I am not ready. I wasn’t ready last year and look what happened! I am an author! Congratulations on all your pre-slice work! I am sure it will be of benefit.


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