My turn at “Since Last March” #SOLC18

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On Sunday, our writing compatriot, Leigh Anne Eck, who does some pretty fabulous writing on A Day in the Life, shared a “Since last March” slice. It was a big year for Leigh Anne and her slice caused me to stop and reflect on my own year “since last March.” I am sure that we all have highs and lows and lots of in-betweens that pop into our heads, but just how many are there? And how many are sliceable? Turns out quite a few. After jotting down the events that quickly came to mind, I began scrolling through my blog posts to see if there were any that I missed. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane.

So here’s my attempt at the list. Since last March I:

  • have kept Slicing nearly every Tuesday (so about 52 slices)
  • have been sharing all things poetic with the Poetry Friday community (an additional 52)
  • began writing in a writing notebook on a regular basis
  • spoke at an information night for incoming Kindergarten parents for the first time (Not a fan of public speaking!)
  • ticked “hike England’s Jurassic Coast” (or at least a bit of it) off my Bucket List
  • went fossiling with two paleontologists in the footsteps of Mary Anning on the beach at Lyme Regis, UK
  • went back to college for a week (alone!), living in a dorm at UNH while attending the NH Literacy Institute (fun, but lonely)
  • celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary
  • became a Lead Ambassador for Wonderopolis
  • began my 14th year of teaching at my current school and my 21st year in education
  • read one of the longest books I’ve ever read (over 500 pages) — Henry David Thoreau: A Life by Laura Dassow Walls (I’m a very slow reader, so this is a huge accomplishment for me. My husband is still in shock!)
  • participated in my first daily poem challenge, writing an ekphrastic poem (a poem inspired by an image) every day for the entire month of February plus a few warm up and cool down days (so 28+ poems)
  • surprised a dear friend in Toronto by spontaneously flying up to celebrate his 60th birthday Super Bowl weekend (and made it back just in time for the game!)
  • co-hosted my first #WonderChat on Twitter for Wonderopolis (I was terrified!)
  • survived not one, not two, but three nor’easters in less than two weeks!

Not a bad twelve months. Onto the next!


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of Slicing in the challenge. (If you want to take a peek at the Padlet of writing ideas I’ve created, I’m happy to share. Click here! It grows every day.)

10 thoughts on “My turn at “Since Last March” #SOLC18

  1. Christie,

    You are living life full of service, joy and learning. Keep Shining & Carry On my lady.

    I see you invited peers to add to your pedlet and share your posting. How do we go about it?

    Best wishes.



  2. What a busy year you had and guess what I would have never know that you were terrified co-hosting #WonderChat. Soon, we will add writing a combined blog post for the Wonder Ground (I feel like I am constantly doing sometime so I apologize that I did not get to this sooner.)


  3. Which class did you attend at the institute? I’ve been a couple of times but not in years. They always look so wonderful to me! I used to live in Barrington and love a trip back to NH. (Though now all the trees feel a bit claustrophobic to me. I’ve gotten too used to the wide open spaces on the plains.) Congrats on all those weekly slices and the daily poems and your writer’s notebook! What a wonderful year!


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