Are you coming? Don’t forget to RSVP! #SOLC18

On March 1st, hostess with the mostest Leigh Anne Eck, who blogs fabulously on A Day In the Life, invited all of us to a party. Have you RSVPd yet? I just did, and here’s my response to her kind invitation.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.34.07 AM

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.34.39 AM

Are you coming? I sure hope so! Let Leigh Anne know by adding your link to her comments here.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of Slicing in the challenge.  (If you want to take a peek at the Padlet of writing ideas I’ve created, I’m happy to share. Click here! It grows every day.)



13 thoughts on “Are you coming? Don’t forget to RSVP! #SOLC18

  1. Yea! Thank you for coming to my party and the nice words! I am gong to have to check out that book. I was surprised you said it was historical fiction. Those primroses will be a welcomed gift by many! I can’t believe how many people still have snow. I will add you to the guest list…after I read your slice about edCamp part II. I missed that one.

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  2. Now that I know you’re bringing Eleanor Roosevelt, I definitely want to come to this party! I thought about bringing Jane Austen, but then decided to make my mom’s day by bringing her! Thanks for the inspiration to join the fun today.


      1. I hear you. I think Spring forget to land on Long Island but this may be a blessing since I can hunker down to prepare my winter gallery for flight. I forgot to send a reply to Leigh Anne so this may be my next slice. Thanks, Christie for joining the party and reminding me to.


  3. I love the red cherry Twizzlers, too! I’m not a licorice fan, but I love the cherry ones! I also love how you used Canva for this-that has become one of my favorite tools!


  4. Red Twizzlers are the only ones I buy! And to see flowers of any kind right now would be fantastic. We are still snow covered.


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