A vernal pool list with a twist! #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo

Happy Poetry Month! This month I am tagging along with poet/author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater during what has become her annual National Poetry Month Project. You can click here to learn more about this straight from Amy! This year she’s writing and sharing a new poem every day, each highlighting a different poetic technique.

Amy chose the constellation Orion to focus her creative lens on this month. I have chosen vernal pools, that most magical and inspiring of vanishing and then reappearing woodland communities. Today’s form, selected by Amy, is that of a list poem. List poems are exactly that — lists. They can be purely a list without transitional phrases, rhymes, or even a rhythmic pattern. They often end with a twist, something related to the subject, but surprising. Here’s what I came up with for this first challenge.

Vernal Pools List Poem

I also hope you will stop by Live Your Poem daily to follow along the journey of the 2018 KidLit Progressive Poem, a fun annual collaborative project lovingly begun in 2012 by poet/author Irene Latham. The poem will magically, and quite literally this year, be growing right before our eyes daily during the month of April. This year we are following along the journey of a seed. The process is fascinating and this year I am diving in for the first time with a line right in the middle of the month — April 18th.


This post is part of my personal National Poetry Month celebration. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your favorite poetic gems throughout the month of April whether they are written by you, your students, or another poet.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.21.35 AM





7 thoughts on “A vernal pool list with a twist! #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo

  1. Love! Your description of vernal pools is beautiful. We (my science teacher husband and I) will be following along! Tomorrow is story poems… xxxx

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