Not the brightest bulbs! #SOL

It wasn’t a phone message I hoped to receive. “Urgent! Please call you bank about possible fraudulent credit card activity.” That is the message that greeted me when I arrived home last Monday. I immediately checked with my bank, and it was true. Someone had used my credit card and purchased close to $700 in gift cards and was beginning to make purchases with them. $700!

As you can imagine, this was extremely frustrating news to learn. What makes it even worse is that it happened just a couple of months ago, so I only just went through the process of cancelling my card, signing an affidavit disputing the charges, and contacting anyone that automatically deducts payments from my card, like my gym, Amazon, etc.

Now for the crazy part, and I do mean crazy! The thief or thieves aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree. They set up an account online with my name, and are using the gift cards they purchased, but…WAIT FOR IT…they forgot to change the shipping address to their address! They left it my address! Yes. Every day for the last week, I have come home to find packages on my porch. I wish I could get excited about them, but I can’t. They aren’t even anything I want — tongue depressors, a copy of 50 Shades of Gray, Mortal Kombat action figures, a tent light. And, every day I have to call and report them. And everyday tells me there aren’t any more coming. And every day another package or two arrives.

I’m done. So done! I just want my $700 back and to come home one day, just one day, to no packages on the porch. Is that too much to ask?


Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?



9 thoughts on “Not the brightest bulbs! #SOL

  1. Wow! Thieves really aren’t smart. My card was stolen a few times. The one time it was used to purchase over $1,000 on the Girl Scouts website. How can you even purchase that much stuff? Hopefully your new card comes soon.


  2. Oh, no! What a pain! I can’t even imagine how I would reconcile my natural excitement about getting a package with your situation. I’d be so confused and conflicted every time a package arrived ! I hope the saga ends soon and I appreciate that you have kept your sense of humor about it.


  3. I saw your Facebook posts, but didn’t quite understand until this explanation. Stupid thieves. I hope it all stops soon.


  4. Oh my. This reminded me of the time my card was stolen. Not 700$ worth though. Hopefully you don’t receive anymore packages. Unless you actually ordered them yourself. 🙂


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