Call the Cops! #SOL19


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“The Police were involved.” No teacher out of the building for a week-long PD institute wants to receive a text from their sub with those words in it. Especially when they are a Kindergarten teacher!

Here’s what went down.

  • Kindergarten boy asks to use hallway bathroom when classroom bathroom is occupied.
  • Said Kindergarten boy doesn’t return after reasonable amount of time.
  • Sub goes in search of said boy and can’t find anywhere.
  • When returning to classroom to tell co-teacher boy can’t be found, sub finds said boy hiding under coats in cubby area. Said boy find this hilarious. Sub does not.
  • Sub scolds boy and then hauls him to School Counselor’s office. Counselor is running the show while the Principal is with me at PD.
  • Counselor scolds boy. As she is sending sub and boy back to class, she spots School Safety Officer making his rounds and calls him over.
  • Safety Officer scolds boy and then sends him and sub back to class.
  • Mom and Dad aren’t amused when they learn of said child’s inappropriate and unsafe choice.
  • Said boy significantly scared within an inch of his not-quite-6-year-old self.

How was your Monday?

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Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here each Tuesday. Won’t you join us?



9 thoughts on “Call the Cops! #SOL19

  1. Oh dear! Part of me was genuinely relieved to read about the final outcome. I have to admit that my associations with cops and kindergartners is a much more fraught one – as in Black and Brown children being suspended from KG or PK classrooms, or manhandled by insensitive resource officers. This is unfortunately what comes to mind for me in such a context. I’m glad it was much less grave than what I feared.

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    1. Yes. And we have the police visit daily, just strolling the hallways and popping into the cafeteria chatting with the kids. Our goal is to build a positive, strong relationship between the students and the police. The kids love it and so do the police!

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  2. Oh my goodness! Years ago, during my first week of teaching first grade, one of my students bolted out the classroom door and headed for the exit! I didn’t call the cops, but it sure got my heart racing! There is never a dull moment when five and six year olds are involved (or seven, eight, or nine, for that matter). Looking forward to hearing more about what you’re up to at Harvard!


  3. What an incident! I can see a 6-year-old amused by his antics but certainly not the teacher nor the principal. The sub must have been beyond nervous. I’m glad it was only child play and not more serious than this.

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