Love Is #PoetryFriday

Happy Poetry Friday, all! Tabatha Yeatts is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog, The Opposite of Indifference.  

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On Monday, during his monthly-ish appearance on NPR’s Morning Edition, poet/author Kwame Alexander issued his latest poetic challenge to loyal teacher listeners. Listen up, teachers! Kwame’s talking to us!  The challenge this time is to give the following prompt to our students: “Love is…” and see what they come up with. Participants may submit individual lines, an entire poem, or even an audio file. On Valentine’s Day, Kwame will be back to share submissions with host, Rachel Martin. I can’t wait to get started with my Kindergarten poets next week. 

I’ll be honest. I wish Kwame’s visits with Rachel occurred weekly and not monthly-ish. Their rapport with one another is endearing, to say the least. What a way to start your morning! These segments usually air when my husband and I are just sitting down at our kitchen island to eat breakfast together before heading off to work. As soon as Rachel begins her intro, my husband says, “Here’s your Kwame! Poetry time!” We listen together. Together. I think that’s part of why I love these segments so much. It’s a small moment in the day that my husband and I share. He knows the role poetry — reading and writing — plays in my life, and appreciates that it’s a part of who I am, just as history is for him. 

To get caught up on some of these poetry segments, you can listen to:

For more information about Kwame’s current “Love is” challenge, or to submit your students’ poetic offerings, click here


Thanks for wondering and wandering a bit with me today. I hope you’ll join us on this Poetry Friday by posting a bit of poetry — your’s or someone else’s — and leaving a comment here or there.


8 thoughts on “Love Is #PoetryFriday

  1. “Love is” is a terrific prompt! Your description of yourself and your husband listening to the radio poetry segments is heartwarming. Love is…sharing in your beloved’s interests 🙂


  2. Already planning a sticky note response place in my library! Thanks! I didn’t know he was on NPR. I’m off to check it out.


  3. Thanks so much, Christie. They do sound wonderful. I just read & will share a new picture book by a Jessie Sima, “Love, Z”. It’s about a little robot in search of the definition of love. Perhaps it will work into your and your students’ writing for Kwame? I like hearing about you & your husband listening, too. Special moment!


  4. I did not know about this either, Christie, and Kwame and I are longtime friends. I bookmarked them all and have a request. When the next segment comes on, can you please tag me so that I can hear it? Is there a schedule? Thank you for sharing all of this. Kwame and I first met at NYSEC (State English Association) and then, I brought him to Long Island. Now, he lives in the next town from my daughter but when I go to visit my grandbaby, either Kwame is busy or we are. Many thanks to you for bringing Kwame’s voice right to my house.


  5. Love is…sharing poetry with your husband over breakfast! I’ve heard a few of these interviews (or bits of them) by chance, but am delighted you included the links so I can go back and check them out at my leisure. I can’t wait to see what your kindergarten poets do with this prompt!


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