Your #HappyParty Invite Has Arrived! #SOLC19

I have recently become addicted to podcasts. Admittedly, I was (fashionably) late to this party. Now I’m hooked! More about that in a Slice to come.

Two of my favorite shows are NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, “a fun and freewheeling chat about the latest movies, television, books, comics, and music,” and It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, “a talk show with a heart.” Episodes drop twice-weekly — Mondays/Tuesdays and Fridays. What they both have in common is that the Friday episode always end with “What’s making us happy this week” (PCHH) or “The best thing that happened to me this week. (IBAM)” Both are celebratory ways to wrap up the week on, well, a happy note.

And so I now deliver, inspired by both of these podcasts, your invitation to…

christie's #happyParty (1)

If you are interested in attending, feel free to either share your #HappyParty news in a comment or in your own blog post at some point during the SOLC with a link back to this original invitation.

Without further ado, here’s what’s making me happy this week, in no particular order.

  • Rami Malek won the Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m ignoring what the haters are saying, because I thought his performance was mesmerizing.
  • My first week back at school after our February vacation had fewer hiccups than I predicted. Always a good thing in Kindergarten!
  • Gorgeous light fluffy snow fell Thursday morning, giving me my first delayed school opening of the year. The gift of two leisurely hours was priceless.
  • I participated in my first bioblitz of sorts at the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods. (You can read more about that here.)
  • I received a box of advanced reader copies of books from a wonderful publisher (my first!) that I can’t wait to read, write about, and share on this very blog.
  • We said goodbye to February and welcomed in March, moving us that much closer to spring.
  • The long-awaited SOLC19 began. It’s day 3 of flexing our writing muscles!
  • The sun is shining brightly as I compose this and fluffy white clouds are drifting across the sky.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my third year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to writing and learning along with all of you all month long.





20 thoughts on “Your #HappyParty Invite Has Arrived! #SOLC19

  1. So important to pause and reflect on what makes us happy… My mother always said that happiness is a choice… Thanks for sharing your happy week. Happy Sunday!

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  2. Hey fellow Teach Write friend! I love the podcast It’s Been A Minute! I really appreciate this post as it often difficult to find joy in daily the daily grind. I definitely plan to make a longer post on my own blog of things that make me happy. For now I will share, I got to visit with my parents and had a nice dinner catching up. Happy Writing and see you Wednesday!

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  3. This is such a wonderful and positive way to highlight the best parts of your week. Thank you for sharing and inspiring one of my future slices!

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  4. I love the happy party idea! Especially since I chose not to host a slicer party this year! Looking forward to seeing what ARCs you received – I love book mail! I’ll be back with a happy party slice – I might be able to turn that into a quick write!

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  5. This was the perfect read for my day as I begin my own celebration. I constantly tell people I know and my students to do what makes you happy. These two new places will allow me to continue to strive for ways to do that. Thanks for the ideas.

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  6. Love the #HappyParty idea! Thank yo for inviting all of us! I love knowing what’s making you happy – the snow falling, the bioblitz, the advanced copies of books – little and big things can make us happy! I just might be inspired to join the party one day this week! Thanks for sharing, Christie!

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  7. What a great idea, Christie! I love It’s Been a Minute, and I’m definitely tucking this format away for another day. The big thing that’s making me happy this week is the progress on our addition/renovation. We are in the home stretch!

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  8. I love the connections of this slicing challenge. I didn’t see this original post, but Margaret’s reference to it sent me back this way. I love the idea of a happiness party and will definitely be attending later this month! You’ve captured some wonderful happy moments in your life. I love how you ended with the serenity of the sun and clouds. Thanks, Christie!

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