Searching for Fairies #SOLC19


Everyone hide! She’s coming!


The snowshoes are always in the back of her car nowadays. I guess she loves her Christmas present.


Why does she have to come here, though, to Fairyland Pond? She has a snow day — her first of the year, I might add — so she could have gone anywhere.

Come Hither Fairies

She wants to see us, that’s why. She loves fairies and even wrote a poem about us once. Remember?


Perhaps she’ll follow the Emerson-Thoreau Amble into Hapgood Forest instead of circling the pond. Not a soul in sight this afternoon.


Remember when Henry used to walk through the forest with Louisa May and her sisters on berry picking excursions? He wrote about us in three beautiful poems and loved to bring the neighborhood children to places where they could meet us. Those were the days!


She’s circling the pond! Fairies beware! Make haste!

We’re hiding! Don’t betray us, Chickadees! An icy chill is in the air.


I sure hope she doesn’t look up!


I think she’s gone, everyone. It’s safe to come out.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my third year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to writing and learning along with all of you.

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9 thoughts on “Searching for Fairies #SOLC19

  1. I love the whimsical and playfulness of the fairy perspective! I really kept wanting to see one of them in their hiding places – they sure are good! Fun post!


  2. Oh my goodness, Christie! I couldn’t love this post more! Your poem is beautiful! My oldest granddaughter and I used to invite the fairies to my house. Each summer we spent hours building elaborate outdoor fairy gardens in my backyard and imagining we were fairies (Princess Lilliana and Queen Rose) who lived in the Secret Garden (my vegetable garden area surrounded by wooden fence, English ivy, irises, lilies, and a lovely rustic gate built by my husband). Every now and then, my granddaughter, who is now 13, will bring up those fond memories. Your post brought all of that back for me. Thank you, Christie!


  3. What a gorgeous post. I loved each image attached to your slice. I feel like I’ve had a refreshing walk without the wet part. Thanks!


  4. I love the whimsy and playfulness that is alive in this post! I needed this reminder to enjoy the days as they are and to savor the beauty of these winter days…even when they are harsh and bitter, there is still so much beauty to be found!


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