In heels, no less #SOLC19

“Oh I’m just here to watch and help get the kids buckled in,” said one of my classroom moms. She had arrived unexpectedly at the classroom door at arrival time with her son. I assumed she was responding to our call for volunteers to go snow shoeing with us in PE yesterday morning, but she said she was just dropping off her child, would help us get ready, and then would watch as we headed for the woods. She wasn’t dressed appropriately, after all, with tall leather boots with 2″ chunky heels.

After a quick morning meeting, my Kindergarten instructional aide and I, along with the two moms that came to help, got everyone into their snow pants, boots, and coats. We headed up to the door where the PE teacher said he’d meet us. It was a bit slippery out, but otherwise a gorgeous sunny day, and already approaching 40 degrees at just 8:30 am. The kids found pairs of snowshoes scattered across the top of the new-fallen snow and began their attempt to put them on. The buckling is the hard part. I spent the next 10 minutes hunched over helping strap kids in, as did the other adults. When I finally stood up to grab my own snow shoes and put them on, there she was. That mom who had just come to watch and help? She was strapped into a pair of snowshoes and headed in my direction. 2″ heels and all!



This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my third year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to writing and learning along with all of you.

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6 thoughts on “In heels, no less #SOLC19

  1. I’m amazed at the work elementary teacher do just to get their kids ready all winter long. Thanks for the slice.


  2. Oh my! This post made me giggle. (My 10-year-old son is reading with me today and he says I’m supposed to write “LOL” – which, to be fair, we did.) I love the way this slice unfolds: I knew almost from the beginning that she would end up in snowshoes, but it was still funny when she did. How did she do with the snowshoes? And congrats to you for keeping your kinders active. My children’s teachers took them ice skating once a week this year, and, while it required multiple adults to get everyone laced up, they really loved it. So, hats off to you!

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  3. No Way! I’d love to see a video of that.I agree with Amanda, I knew where this was going, but couldn’t really believe it would end up there. I had to keep reading to see if it really happened.


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