Is it too late? #PoetryFriday #youthclimatestrike

It’s Poetry Friday and Heidi Mordhorst of My Juicy Little Universe is hosting the round up this week. Won’t you join us there?

Heidi is heading to the Youth Climate Strike in Washington, DC. and she sent out a somber call to action to all of us, one of which was the following: “For us messengers and communicators, the action is to WRITE. Writing is an action. Write a story or article for a kids’ magazine, write a poem for the kids you know, write an ode to teen activists. Yes, celebrate nature, but don’t sugarcoat. Kids can take the truth. They already feel the truth even if they don’t know the truth; now they need ways to perceive it, process it, act on it themselves. Adult teachers, writers, poets: gather your grief and get out there and WRITE!”

Many of you know that my Kindergarten students and I — indeed my entire school community — see ourselves as stewards of the wildlife who make their home in our abutting conservation land and specifically the vernal pool system that lies within it. While we celebrate wildlife, we also believe it is critical that we teach our students about the delicate balance that must be maintained in order to preserve all forms of life. During National Poetry Month last year, I “gather(ed) up (my) grief” and wrote the following poem of caution for my students:

Is it too late_ (1)

Is it too late? What action will you and your students take?


Thanks to Heidi for hosting this week’s round up and for attending the strike! Happy Poetry Friday, all!


12 thoughts on “Is it too late? #PoetryFriday #youthclimatestrike

  1. Great poem, and I love that your school is making environmental stewardship a priority with the students. One is never too young to learn about our fragile ecosystems.


  2. A most worthy project for your community Christie. The pursuit of balance and the preservation of life are critical considerations. I applaud such efforts. Your list poem adds further weight to these matters. Local action is so important.


  3. Your post reminded me of Kate Messner’s words today at #VSRA19 about not hiding things from our students and addressing things like this with them so that they aren’t blindsided. Thank you for sharing your poetry:) I always look forward to reading it!


  4. My school where I did work took care of adjoining wetlands. We felt blessed that it was there, a special way to show how that small piece of land impacted so much life. How wonderful that your school is learning to be land stewards.


  5. I applaud your school community with fins, wings, waving grass, and all kinds of congrats, Christie! 🙂 You might want to tune in to my “Classroom Connections” series on Today’s Little Ditty next month. I’ll be featuring a number of wildlife-related books with exercises you might be interested in doing with your kindergartners.

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