An amphibious affair! #PoetryFriday #SOLC19

Happy first Friday of spring, everyone! It’s the second to last Friday of the 2019 Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers (how is that possible?) AND it’s Poetry Friday. I’m slicing up a bit of poetry this rainy Friday in response to a big event that occurred last evening. Rebecca Herzog is hosting this week’s PF gathering on her blog, Sloth Reads. Won’t you join us there as well? And BTW, slicing poetry on Friday’s during the SOLC is a great way to flex those writing muscles. If you are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of Poetry Friday, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

Last night was a big night. “Big Night” for amphibians, that is! The first rainy spring night in the Northeast, with temperatures in the 45-50 degree range, is the first night amphibians start making their move. After hibernating all winter long in the woods, it’s time for them to make their way to local vernal pools for breeding season.

Party time!

Our Kindergarten biologist-in-residence, Emilie, visited us yesterday to show us the traps she was about to put in our campus vernal pool. She will be monitoring them regularly, and in a few weeks, when the “Big Night” party animals have conducted their business, we will meet Emilie there to collect the wood frog eggs we will be headstarting in our classrooms and meet, face-to-face, whomever might have wandered into the traps after a wild night of partying. If we are lucky, we will get to meet a frog or two up close, or even a salamander. Seriously? Could these party-goers be any cuter?

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.29.06 PM

As you can imagine, my Kindergarteners were enthralled at the thought of 100s of 1000s of frogs and salamanders on the move in the middle of the night. Wow! All I can think of is a party train. (I’d cue the Gap Band, but WordPress won’t let me.)

There are “Big Night” enthusiasts who meet up in the middle of the night, in the rain, to guide these adorable, but vulnerable creatures to safety across roads.  I’m obsessed, but not that dedicated! To learn more about “Big Night,” click here.

And finally a “Big Night” poetry party favor to take home.

Vernal Pool Spine Poem (1)

This is a spine poem I created from the titles of the books in my collection for teaching our year-long vernal pool study. Party on, creatures of the night.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my third year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to writing and learning along with all of you.




19 thoughts on “An amphibious affair! #PoetryFriday #SOLC19

  1. I love, love, love this post! You taught me a lot in a fun, engaging way and I can only imagine what it must be like to be a student in your class! I want to be a kindergartener in your class for at least one day (although I probably will want to stay). The spine poem is awesome!

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  2. The Big Night sounds amazing! What a great way to get your students engaged and excited about nature and conservation efforts. Please let us know what you get to spy in the traps!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so so so so cool! I didn’t know about the “Big Night” and have added seeing it in person to my bucket list!


  4. I’ve never heard of this Big Night celebration. Just think of all the things your kinders can teach the rest of us. Love the book spine poem party favor. I want to check out Wicked Big Puddles.


  5. What an adorable salamander! Many of our ponds still have ice on them, so I’m not sure how many amphibians were on the move around here last night, but I know the peepers aren’t peeping yet. Love your book spine poem!

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  6. Hooray for the vernal pools! Hooray for the frogs and salamanders! Hooray for the BIG NIGHT guides who (like those who help the sea turtle babies along, I imagine) are doing all they can to push back the mess we humans have made of It All and let Nature do what Nature was meant to do! And you and your kiddos get to bear witness. MAGIC + WONDER = science-come-to-life.

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  7. What a GREAT book spine poem. I had to go back and make sure it was a spine poem…it seemed like you had written it. What joy comes through in your words. Joy for nature, children, writing….life! I’m taking a bit of that joy with me into today. Thank you so, so, so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Looks like you have some fantastic books in your room from your spine poem Christie, and it’s literally exploding with life, love it! Those are some lucky kindergarteners to have you leading them in all these fascinating vernal pool topics. Looking forward to hearing what else comes up from the vernal pool…

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