Dear momma bird #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and Elizabeth Steinglass is our gracious hostess this week for the poetry roundup. Perhaps you’ll join us? Elizabeth is celebrating her new book, Soccerverse: Poems about Soccer. How fun, and congratulations, Elizabeth!

It’s spring, so bring on the robins!

We have a secret, just we three.png

This week I discovered a robin’s nest in my backyard. On Tuesday there were two eggs and on Wednesday there were three! Robins lay a clutch of 3-4 eggs, just one each day, so yesterday should have been egg number 4 or the start of momma keeping them toasty warm until their debut in about two weeks. I wasn’t able to check yesterday, but this afternoon I found four and no momma. I’m going to keep my distance for a bit and let her get settled to do her important work.

In their honor, and for Mother’s Day, I wrote a poem in letter form to mark the occasions.

Dear momma bird

If you’d like to learn more about writing letter poems, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater has wonderful advice for you and your students at The Poem Farm. And, if you adore robins, there are many delightful poems about them. You may find a list here.

Thanks for hosting this week, Elizabeth. Bring on the poetry!











14 thoughts on “Dear momma bird #PoetryFriday

  1. How. Beautiful those eggs are, Christie. Thank you for educating me on the process. Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Robin. Hoping for a grand chorus of chirping. Are the kindred watching along with you via photos?


  2. Love the rhythm in the first poem you shared, Christie, and your tribute to momma bird touched my heart. We have a lot of robins in our area, and their beautiful blue eggs are like nature’s jewels.


  3. Is there any blue so glorious as a robin’s egg? Thank you for both of these poems. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that every thing works out.


  4. Fingers crossed for you and those eggs. What a treasure you found! This is such a hopeful time of year. Writing a letter poem was perfect and I also love the other poem you shared. It sounds like one my grandmother might have recited to me.


  5. There is nothing quite like the color of a robin’s egg–it’s like they capture a bit of sky. Best wishes to your mama robin and to more poems!


  6. We observed a robin in a nest in our bush this weekend. I learned more about the robins from your post. Thank you! It’s too high for us to see the eggs, but the mother did appear to be hunkered down in there. Hopefully we will see babies peeking out soon!


  7. Love both poems here Christie, and that’s the brightest Robin I’ve ever seen, she’ll go beautifully with those blue eggs–happy hatching!


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