Robin Nest Pi-Ku #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and my fellow Kindergarten teacher and poet, Dani Burtsfield, is our hostess this week for the poetry roundup. Perhaps you’ll join us?

Last week Margaret Simon shared some wonderful nature Pi-Ku she and her students created. (You may read their work here.) Never having written a Pi-Ku (syllable counts matching 3.14159265359), and loving a challenge, I thought I’d give it a try. My inspiration is the ever-changing robin nest in my holly bush which I wrote about here. Two weeks ago I discovered lovely eggs, laid one a day, and this week they are beginning to hatch, one a day. Yesterday I snuck up to snap this picture when I saw mom leave on a food run. Today she was watching like a hawk from, so I’m keeping my distance!

nestling knows
— Christie Wyman, 2019 (draft)

My Pi-Ku made it to 3/1/4/1/5/9/2. How far might you go with a Pi-Ku?

Thanks for hosting this week, Dani. Bring on the poetry!











16 thoughts on “Robin Nest Pi-Ku #PoetryFriday

  1. I agree with Catherine. What a marvellous miracle you have unfolding in front of you. You poem distills the essence of what it means to be a newly hatched chick.


  2. This is a sweet, quiet poem, but we both know that if I wrote a pi-ku about a nest, it would not be so quiet. I’m glad I inspired you to try the form.


  3. What a wonderful pi-ku! Enjoy your little bird family! Ruth,


  4. I learned about Pi-ku last week, too. What a fun form! And I love your pi-ku and the photo of the little tiny robin. What a wonder to have a front row seat for that!


  5. It’s good to get down to the essence of things, isn’t it? That constant proportionality, the roundness of the nest, the need to feed, the cycle of life. Nicely done, Christie. Wishing you a happy year’s end!


  6. How lucky you are to have a front row seat for this miracle of life! I love that you are documenting it with poetry!


  7. I too was inspired by Margaret’s post, and wrote a pi-ku inspired by the 10 crysalises in our classroom right now. Such fun! You’re a ninja photographer snapping that photo while mother bird was away! Hope you’re enjoying the end of your year. 9 more days here!


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