Brand New Readers #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and Catherine Flynn is our hostess this week for the poetry roundup on her blog, Reading to the Core. Perhaps you’ll join us? I’m so glad to be back among friends after some time off while I settled in to a new year.

Catherine launched her post with a bit about gratitude. In these hectic first six weeks of school, I’ve been trying to record a bit of daily gratitude as part of my Evening Pages. I am truly grateful for a new crew of Kindergarteners who are kind, curious and love learning. We adopted a new reading curriculum (our first, if you can believe it!) this fall and so far I’m loving how engaged my emergent readers are as they explore favorite storybooks. They inspired my haiku, which I wrote during Writer’s Workshop over the last week or so. I read it to them today, and they helped me edit it a wee bit. It’s always good to have great feedback partners!

brand new readers

Thanks for hosting this week, Catherine. Bring on the poetry!










12 thoughts on “Brand New Readers #PoetryFriday

  1. Oh, the joy of young, new learners. I wish I could remind some middle schoolers of the joy they used to know. Can you bottle some for me? And, I love seeing when you pop into Poetry Friday. It means you are reflecting on life and putting it into beautiful words as you have with your haiku. Cheers, Christie!


  2. Reading partners are the best thing, Christie. I’m glad to see you captured this special time in a haiku & a picture!


  3. This is so sweet, Christie. I like the way your photo adds a layer to the haiku. The friends are both characters we meet in books, but also the friends we make in talking about and sharing books we love.


  4. I love that joy of meeting friends old and new in the pages of a book. Yea for introducing new little people to those joys!


  5. Fresh new friends and fauna, books and buddies! I took a very wonderful video of two of my 4s reading MIXED by Aree Chung together…and then discovered I had not clicked the red button after all. Well done for getting the photo and writing the haiku and SHARING it with your class!


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