The Visit #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and Sally Murphy is our hostess this week on her blog. I hope to see you there! Sally has exciting news about her new novel in verse — Worse Things — and another project she is working on with fellow Aussie poet, Kat Apel. It sounds like 2020 is off to a great start for you, Sally. Congratulations! On a more serious note, I know the Poetry Friday family has been thinking of Sally and Kat during this terribly difficult and challenging time down under. Here’s hoping the rains come soon before more damage is done and lives of humans and so many critters (estimated at over 1 billion now) lost.

My offering to the roundup this week is an octave for my students inspired by a recent visitor to our school campus. His or her visit was captured on the wildlife camera outside one of my classroom windows. We have it focused on the area that includes our class bird feeder station. My Kindergarten scientists and I have fun watching the birds and squirrels that visit during the day, but we’ve always wondered who might come a calling after dark. Now we know!

The Visit.png

The text (with a dash of rhyme, which I never do!) features just a few of the questions and comments my curious students had about the coyote’s (and deer, fox, opossum, and rabbit!) appearance. Want to see more? Just click here!

Many thanks for hosting this week, Sally. Now let’s bring on the poetry!


Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 6.36.18 PM

29 thoughts on “The Visit #PoetryFriday

  1. Christie, your students are so lucky to be with you! What a way to begin their school life–immersed in poetry and nature! I love the poem and can just hear those sweet young voices asking all those questions. Love this post!

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  2. I loved seeing all the pics from your camera. Your students must love the surprises every day when they come to school to see what happened the night before. The jack o’ lantern offerings are a delightful gift to those animals! And I like that you included some of your students’ words in the poem.

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  3. Oh, that’s so cool! I’ll bet the students were excited. Wonderful questions! And, I really like the rhyme. I haven’t heard the term octave for poetry before. I must go investigate. It sounds like something I need to learn!

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  4. Christie, I love your poem and the images. How wonderful to capture those nocturnal visitors. In my day job I teach future teachers. You may hear your ears burning as I tell them some of what you do, if that is okay. The next unit I teach is all about creative ways to engage students in literacy learning.

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  5. What a treat to have a bird feeding station AND a critter cam! My son has one at his house in Virginia and he has sent me some amazing pictures. I love your poem, Christie. Kids always ask the best questions, don’t they?

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  6. Now I’m completely jealous you have a wildlife camera outside your classroom? Have you shared about this somewhere on your blog – how fabulous. I love the piece you wrote – my mind was swirling with questions.

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