Drowning #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday! This week our hostess is Jone Rush MacCulloch, who is throwing our little party over on her blog, Deo Writer.  You’ll find her latest poetry swap arrivals and a giveaway for an inspirational journal which looks rather interesting.

I’m halfway through a stretch of two very challenging weeks at school — data cycle #2, report cards, parent conferences, etc… Thank goodness for several writing communities, of which I am a part of. Writing, while not always pretty or cheerful, is keeping me sane. Words tumbled onto the pages of my notebook at bedtime last night. They put themselves in the form of a list, so a list poem of sorts was born.

Drowning In a sea of

I just need to get through next week, and then all will be well.

Many thanks for hosting this week, Jone. Now let’s bring on the poetry!


Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 6.36.18 PM


10 thoughts on “Drowning #PoetryFriday

  1. And the stress related to paperwork shall pass. At least, a poem surfaced from all the school “stuff”, Christie. Thanks for your lovely postcard. Today, I actually found the morning temperature “warm” compared to the past days but no snow here on Long Island.


  2. I am not a teacher, but loved my kids’ teachers and I admire them so much today. It must get overwhelming dealing with so much, as you describe in your list poem and parents must add to that list. I can see how writing helps.


  3. I remember it well, wondering, like you, if it will ever all be done, Christie. Keep the poem to remind you that IT DID! And yet, you took time to write that lovely postcard poem in the midst of all the rest. Thank you!


  4. I remember that feeling of drowning in papers and data and records and conferences. Hang in there–it will pass. Thank goodness for writing and community that keeps us sane.


  5. Writing is cathartic. So often when I am super busy, writing is one of the things I put aside, but I always regret it and try hard to get back to it. I fear if I leave too long, I will stay gone. I’m glad you found a way to stay in it. I hope things let up soon.


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