Frogs in my TV room #SOLC20 #SOL20

What’s making me happy today are eggs. Frog eggs, that is.


Usually, these wood frog eggs from our school vernal pool would be hanging out in fish tanks housed in seven Kindergarten classrooms in our district. But this year is different. Oh so very different. This year they are all in my TV room at home.

frog tank

Yup. My TV room. That’s because I took one for the team and volunteered (yup, again!) to headstart them at my house. I met up with our Biologist in Residence, who has a license to relocate them, and my Science Curriculum Specialist in the woods on Tuesday and that’s where the handoff took place. We social distanced for sure. (Thankfully the frogs haven’t been over the last few weeks!) I have the fun task of monitoring their progress and reporting back to our team and their students about their progress. Will will create School From Home lessons on Seesaw using up to the minute photos and videos I film on my Tad Cam, a.k.a. my phone.

I know this all sounds odd and awkward, but this is what we do every spring. And with so much “different” happening in my life right now, a little “same” is feeling pretty good today.


Thanks for wondering and wandering a bit with me today. Many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here every Tuesday throughout the year and daily during the month of March.




7 thoughts on “Frogs in my TV room #SOLC20 #SOL20

  1. You say “odd and awkward” – I say “wild and wonderful”. I am completely impressed by your dedication – to the school, to the frogs, and mostly to the kindergarteners. I bet having a TV room full of tadpoles and (eventually) frogs is a tale (tail?) you will be able to tell for years to come. Do we get to see pictures in the upcoming days??


  2. You are a team player! It reminds me of when I use to hatch chicks in kindergarten and have to stay home over spring break just to care for them. You have a built-in boredom buster. Thanks for putting words to you #wordlesswednesday slice. I did the same today. Taking a break was just what I needed yesterday and provided energy for getting back to writing today. Have fun with those frog eggs and reporting out to your team and students. (And maybe periodic updates here too)


  3. What a great thing you are doing for everyone! Your students I’m sure will love watching the eggs hatch and turn from tadpoles to frogs. How exciting! My kindergarten classroom theme is frogs. We would love this! We hatch chicks each year and this year we did both chicks and ducklings. I was “mother hen”. Frogs in your living room is not ideal I’m sure, but I’m sure it I’ll be lots of fun!


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