Poem-ish Pieces #PoetryFriday #NatureNurtures2020 #PoemsOfPresence

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Carol Varsalona is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog, Beyond Literacy Link. Won’t you join us there? Carol has been very busy collecting wonderful #NatureNurtures2020 poems this spring from many contributors. You may find them here and it’s not too late to add your own!

If you are new to Poetry Friday (I’m looking at you, Teach Write friends!) and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

In between ZOOM calls with students and colleagues, I’ve been trying to find time to step outside and experience what is turning into a most glorious spring here in New England. So much to hear and see, and what a relief from staring at the computer screen! I’ve had a chance to cobble together several #PoemsOfPresence this week, and hopefully there are more to come.  


On Wednesday afternoon I managed to squeeze in (MORE SCREEN TIME!) a wonderful webinar, Nature as Inspiration and Transformation: An Intro to Nature Poetry with poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil. Oh, was that balm for the soul! If you missed it, here’s the recording. Curl up with your notebook, something to write with, and a glass of refreshing ice tea or lemonade. It will be an hour well spent. I promise. 

One of the writing invitations Aimee provided was to take an interesting animal fact and use it as the first line in a poem. The fact that hummingbirds fly backwards immediately jumped (or is that flew?) out at me and this is what I came up with.

hummingbirds reverse (haiku)

And lastly, our Teach Write “Time to Write” group has begun to play around with common prompts, sharing our work with one another, and providing feedback from the heart, mind, and writers within us. This week we are using “the blank page.” That’s it. Just “the blank page,” and we were asked to use a blank page. I knew I wanted to go in the nature notebooking direction because I’ve been enjoying Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s nature writing and keeping a notebooking videos and Paula Bourque’s nature notebooking video, too — as have so many of you! It ended up being poem-ish. 



I’m longing for more time outdoors with my notebook. How about you? 

Many thanks to Carol for hosting the roundup this week. Be well, friends!



Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 12.34.21 PM





19 thoughts on “Poem-ish Pieces #PoetryFriday #NatureNurtures2020 #PoemsOfPresence

  1. Thanks for all your inspiring prompts and poems. I watch a male cardinal every day as he sings up a storm. So beautiful. I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of the Teach Write group but am not sure how to join. Where are the prompts posted?


  2. Christie! What a refreshing visit this has been. I love how you filled your blank page. And, the prompt to begin with an animal fact appeals to me. The more science-y the poem, the more I love it. When did that happen to me?
    I agree that spring is calling me outside. It has been a grumpy spring here with lots of raindrops and cool fronts…but we go out anyway. Anywhere outside that’s green is good. Thanks for the inspirations. I hope some #TeachWrite friends join Poetry Friday. It’s super fun.

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  3. Lovely post! Thank you for all of it! I’m bookmarking the webinar to watch when I get my grades done. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


  4. Christie, each one of these is lovely. I love your & everyone writing about cardinals. I grew up loving them in Missouri, now miss them & their cheery call in Colorado. That blank page voice is a wistful calling & your page is gorgeous! Happy Weekend!

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  5. So Christie, your blog post had so many links and thoughts that I kept pausing and joining in on any treat you shared. I will continue to watch the webinar, enjoyed Paula’s video, and lingered over your image poems. Then, I read your blank page poem. Your post was nicely done! Thanks for the shoutout as well.


  6. I’ve spent more time with my notebook this spring than I have in a long long time. It calms me, and I love capturing “historical” and nature moments to look back on.


  7. Oh, these are lovely! Your birds are wonderful, and I love the wander and wonder in your last poem! Thanks for the link to the youtube video–I’ve bookmarked it for a day when I have a spare hour (which feels like never right now, but surely the day will come?).


  8. Lovely poems and pages! Thanks so much. I too, have spent more time jotting here and there. Also, I’ve taken more photos than usual, hoping to come back to them for inspiration. Capturing beauty … just like your empty page! Thanks again, and best wishes.


  9. Christie, thank you for some wonderful poetry and a fantastic post. Your second paragraph reminded me that I’ve been meaning to thank you for the enthusiasm you show when it comes to encouraging other people’s participation in these writing groups and activities. I’m a beneficiary, and I appreciate it!

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  10. I’ve been enjoying your #PoemsofPresence, Christie! These are all wonderful, and the one I retweeted yesterday, about the dawn chorus, I just adore.

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  11. What a lovely post filled with enticing prompts and links! I’m going to bookmark some of them to come back to once online school life slows down. I can’t wait! I love both of your bird poems 🙂

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