Words Take Wing #PoetryFriday #NikkiGrimes

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Irene Latham is hosting this week’s festive gathering on her blog, Live Your Poem. Won’t you join us there? This week we are celebrating the one and only Nikki Grimes and her amazing accomplishments. If you don’t follow Nikki on Twitter (@nikkigrimes9), you are missing out. Her words are uplifting and always inspiring. And her recent memoir in poems, Ordinary Hazards, is on top of my summer stack waiting for me one week from today when my school year FINALLY wraps up. 

If you are new to Poetry Friday and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

The inspiration for my poem is Nikki’s fabulous verse novel Words with Wings and it’s heroine, Gabby. I threw out “words with wings” to my Kindergarten poets, and one astute young naturalist/writer said words having wings reminded him of dandelion seeds floating in the air. His image served as the seed for my poem. 

Words take wingMany thanks to Irene for hosting this most joyous of roundups, and for all of Nikki’s words that have taken wing and flown into our hearts. Be well, friends!








10 thoughts on “Words Take Wing #PoetryFriday #NikkiGrimes

  1. I love how your image enhances this poem. Words flying like dandelion seeds and touching down when ready. I think Nikki will love this poem.

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  2. What a beautiful image/poem pairing. I always appreciate how you respect Kinders with sharing their special thoughts and words with us. So happy to be wrapping up! I still need the break of summer.

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  3. The poem sings and soars. I would love to visit your classroom. How lucky your students are. I had a young-ish, sort of monotone, uninspired K teacher, 1/2 day. I liked school and can remember the sand table. I would have thrived in your room. It was so long ago ie early 1950s…..I was an early reader and could recite oodles of nursery rhymes by 20 mos of age thanks to my poetry-loving young mother.

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  4. Christie, I do love this poem of yours inspired by a kinder. Today, on my walk uphill to a view that led my family to see the skyline of Manhattan from our vantage point in Long Island, I saw floating wishseeds (as I call floating dandelions). They looked like tiny flakes of snow and I said to myself, I need to write about this. Your lovely words landed beautifully on my page.

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  5. I love this poem Christie! The idea of dandelion wings and “only when ready do they touch down and land upon the page” makes me think of how sometimes the universe and nature can give us signs of inspiration. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your encouragement and welcoming me into the Poetry Friday community.

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