Let’s Have a ZOOM High Tea! #SOL20 #JOYSOF2020 #TeachWrite

“I’m sitting here in front of our Christmas tree that is tucked into the corner of the front room with snow falling gently outside. Really quite lovely.”

“I had (what I think is) a great idea for a Zoom chat over the holiday break. How about if we have a zoom high tea? Each of us brings wee sandwiches and treats to the table, with appropriate libation.”

“It would be a nice way to throw out 2020 and ring in 2021! What do you think?”

What a splendid idea that arrived in an email today from a Canadian friend! One of the joys of 2020 for me, and my husband, has been a series of ZOOM chats with these dear friends up in Toronto. Living here in Massachusetts, we don’t see them often enough and their girls are growing up way too fast. Until the pandemic rolled around, we exchanged emails and chatted a few times a year, but often missed one another’s phone calls.

Our ZOOM chats have focused over the months on school shutting down and moving online (we are all either educators or students), what we’ve been binge watching (they got me hooked on Netflix’ The Repair Shop!) during our semi-lockdowns, hobbies we’ve been pursuing, their perspective on the election from north of the border, and returning to school.

Now we have a plan for New Year’s Eve day — high tea — and the future — staying connected on ZOOM.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Have a ZOOM High Tea! #SOL20 #JOYSOF2020 #TeachWrite

  1. What a fantastic thing to do! One of the silver linings of the last ten months has been the way we’ve learned to communicate from afar. Not that the technology is new, but the applications are. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. Christie, it is so good to see your thumbnail and chat with via TWT. I miss speaking with you and would like to resurrect our Wonderopolis crew for high tea via Zoom. Something to think about, I believe. I would think that many want to throw out 2020 and stay afresh in 2021. Hope all is well.


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