Winter Conceals #PoetryFriday

I have long found what is revealed by snowfall, rather than what is covered up, to be fascinating. Snow acts as nature’s highlighter, shining a spotlight on easily missed features in the landscape. In particular, smallish bodies of water — brooks, streams, and vernal pools — hidden in the woods often go unnoticed throughout most of the year here in New England. When winter arrives, and snow begins to fall, they magically “return.”

Many thanks to this week’s hostess, Ruth, for inviting us to join her on this Poetry Friday. You can find the roundup on her blog, There Is No Such Thing As a Godforsaken Town.

15 thoughts on “Winter Conceals #PoetryFriday

  1. I love your words “ snow acts as nature’s highlighter”. I am looking out my window with a different frame of mind right now. As I hike through the woods later, this thought will accompany me.

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  2. I love the idea of snow revealing as much as it conceals. Our pond has been hidden by the snow, but every branch is highlighted as well as the tracks of all the critters who move through our yard.

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  3. With our recent Alabama snow (more than four inches!), I’ve noticed how my eye is drawn to the darkness of moving water contrasted against the bright white. You’ve shown that so well in your prose, poetry, and image–thank you!

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