Hey, that’s us! #SOLSC #SOL21

“Hey, that’s us!”

“It sure is.”

I’m not quite sure why I had never shown it to them before. It’s been there since September, but this moment in March made me pause and think about what else I hadn’t shown them or told them about.

In September, when my in-person teaching colleagues began to put their re-envisioned rooms together, following strict guidance from the CDC and our state board of education, hallway bulletin boards went up, too. Now I don’t love hallway bulletin boards for lots of reasons. Mostly because I feel they are most often for adults, not students. I’m all about doing things for students. But this year my Kindergarten students aren’t in the building with me. They’ll never see their work displayed like their in-person classmates.

Nobody loves an empty bulletin board, so I covered it with fresh green paper and prettied up the edges with border, as you do. But what message could I put up? What images belong there?

And then it came to me.

Their images belong there. They deserve to be seen, to be known, to be valued. While they may not physically be here this year, they are members of this community of learners. I want their faces to become familiar, their smiles to be seen, their presence to be felt.

So last week, during a moment of remote silliness (silliness is required in remote teaching!), I told them I must be in the wrong room, because they were reading and writing like First Graders. I grabbed my laptop and took them with me out into the hallway. I told them I needed to check the sign outside my door to make sure it said, “Mrs. Wyman, Kindergarten.” The bulletin board came into view. “Hey, that’s us!” squealed one boy. “It sure is,” I replied.

I’m not quite sure why I had never shown it to them before. It’s been there since September, but this moment in March made me pause and think about what else I hadn’t shown them or told them about.

Thanks for wondering and wandering a bit with me today. And many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here every Tuesday throughout the year and daily during the month of March.

6 thoughts on “Hey, that’s us! #SOLSC #SOL21

  1. I love teaching kinders for short periods of time (as a science coach, I’m in and out in 45 minutes), and I love hearing stories from people who do it for long periods of time. I can hear the absolute amazement in their voices as they put together the connection between themselves and the classroom. “Reading and writing like first graders” is awesome, and definitely warrants some silliness!


  2. I love this shared moment. I can see where it would be easy to forget to share something like that, but I’m glad you were able to finally do so, even if by accident! I’m glad you are able to have fun with your students like that and make them feel like part of the classroom community.


  3. What I love most about this is that it’s been up unbeknownst to your students, but the rest of the school has known about them the whole year. They are part of the school community. You let them know it in such a sweet way.


  4. I adore this bulletin board, Christine! Kids should be featured grandly like this.

    One of the things that warmed my heart when we moved last year was the way my daughter’s new school recognized children who were new to the school (not Kindergarteners since they were all new). All new 1st – 4th grade students had their photos posted on a bulletin board in the entryway to the school with their name and class underneath. I teared up every time I saw it. (And Isabelle truly appreciated being recognized since she was one of the few new third graders.)


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