brilliant blazes flash #PoetryFriday

I know! I know! NPM is over and I can’t help myself! New birds keep showing up!

I have never had Baltimore Orioles before, so I am BEYOND thrilled that this handsome devil has been hanging around my apple tree and front garden since at least last Saturday. I heard they were in my neck of the woods — MetroWest of Boston — a few weeks back, so when I put out my hummingbird nectar feeder at the end of April, I figured I’d chance it with orange halves and grape jelly. BINGO! And the Mrs. made an appearance mid-week, too. I hope they stick around for a while. I love hearing their unique squeak from wherever I am, indoors or out.

And some fun news…I am very excited to be leading the month-long “Playing with Poetry” course this July for Teach Write. If you know of any teachers who are interested in learning how to incorporate more poetry into their classroom lives (or if you are!), I’d love to have them join me! To learn more, click here.

Many thanks to this week’s hostess, Irene, for inviting us to join her on this Poetry Friday. You can find the roundup on her blog, Live Your Poem Thanks for hosting, Irene! I am hosting next week and I am looking forward to seeing everyone!


10 thoughts on “brilliant blazes flash #PoetryFriday

  1. Thanks for sharing! There are so many good courses coming up with teach write its so hard to pick!! I love poetry but I’ve had trouble translating my passion into engaging satisfactory lessons in the classroom so I may have to check it out!


  2. I will definitely get the word out about ‘Playing with Poetry.’ Thanks for that! And, I’m delighted that the dashing Baltimore Oriole is spending time with you. Of all the people in Mass, he knows that you would love his presence best! Blazes is a perfect word for our sweet boy.


  3. WOW! I know there are orioles in our neck of the woods, but I’ve never seen one or drawn one to our feeders. Thanks for sharing your blazes!


  4. I see how those “brilliant blazes flash” & envy you your orioles! How wonderful to see them even from afar!


  5. Christie! Your brilliant foto provides a new definition for BO! Lovely, lovely view. Hope I see one over here, am a temp. resident of BostonProper, near N.E. UniversityLand. Happy poetry day to you!


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