Snowflakes Fall #PoetryFriday #tricube

It’s getting chilly here in eastern New England, but we have yet to see our first snowfall. My Kindergarteners and I are anxiously awaiting their arrival. But, in the meantime, we’ve been thinking about seasonal changes and what we are looking forward to.

These sweet conversations, and Margaret Simon’s call for tricubes last week, prompted me to give this new-to-me poetic form a go.

Thank you for joining me on this first December Poetry Friday. Michelle Kogan is hosting this week’s roundup, which you can find here on her blog. She has an exciting announcement (Congrats!), some of her fabulous artwork, and lovely holidazed words. Light the lights!


18 thoughts on “Snowflakes Fall #PoetryFriday #tricube

  1. I’m happy that I inspired this post. My OLW for 2021 is Inspire. Isn’t it a wonderful form for capturing a small moment? We do not get snow around here, but we will be traveling at Christmas in hopes of seeing a flake or two. (Not sure how I will handle it, though.)

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  2. We had flurries earlier this week! Quite exciting…and then it was 65* on Thursday. *sigh* I’m winding up to some tricubes also, but they’re trickier than they seem, to get a pleasing rhythm with identical length lines. I think your middle stanza pulls it off best (but the whole poem is cozy indeed).

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  3. Love it, Christie! I especially love that “once again,” evoking thoughts of how the habits and traditions of various seasons can bring such comfort. We had our first snow that actually sticking to the ground overnight last night! It’s only an inch or less, but didn’t blow away immediately :>)

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  4. Small, structured poems are the perfect fit for capturing snowflakes, Christie. I’ve been enjoying hot chocolate weather too!


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