Not Again! #SOLSC23

Not again! I just fixed it!

I love birds. I love my feeder station outside my classroom. I love mud. However, mud does NOT love my feeder station!

Wild Birds Unlimited makes the coolest feeder station — The Advanced Pole System. It is truly awesome. It literally screws into the ground and then has these four doohickey things (very technical term!) that secure it into the ground. Well, at least they are supposed to secure it. But guess what? When the ground gets saturated from too much snow, rain, and subsequently mud, there’s no securing this thing!

Every time I look out the window, guess what I see?

And then I go back outside and stand it up again. Until it falls over again.

You win, mud! I am ready for spring!

Thanks for wondering and wandering a bit with me today. And many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here every Tuesday throughout the year and daily during the month of March.


5 thoughts on “Not Again! #SOLSC23

  1. Christie, when is spring coming? The March winds blew items off my patio, toppled my cocktail table and chairs, plus, broke my table umbrella. I see your new item is also on the ground.
    I knew you loved birds but not that you loved mud.
    I met your friend Erica J. last night on the Slicer Workshop. We had a good time talking about formats, slicers, and Teach Write and Poetry Friday.

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