Winter Water Wonder #PoetryFriday #vernalpool

It’s Poetry Friday and Carol at Carol’s Corner is our hostess this week. I hope to see you there! Carol has a gorgeous poem from Maya Angelou — CONTINUE: a poem — which serves as a perfect launch to the new year. It’s a charge, of sorts, to all humankind.


Today was the first day back to school with my Kindergarteners. The forecast predicted a bright sunny day, no precipitation, and a high temperature of 45. A perfect day to walk to our campus vernal pool! We try to visit once each month to monitor the life cycle of the pool and its inhabitants. The weather in December did not cooperate, so we were excited for a visit under such wonderful conditions.

Photo: Christie Wyman, 2020

When we approached the vernal pool, we were amazed and yet puzzled by the surface of the water. This is a phenomenon referred to as ice rippling. Wind passes over the water’s surface and the ripples literally freeze. Usually the ripples run through a cycle of collapsing and refreezing, but these are frozen solid. A true winter wonder!

Our walk, and subsequent conversation, inspired this cinquain of the modern variety  — 2-4-6-8-2 syllable count, no rhyme scheme.

Winter Water Wonder (cinquain).png
Photo: Christie Wyman, 2020

My one little word (OLW) for 2020 is “create.” One of my goals for this year is to create poetry in new and different forms. I’ll tick the box next to cinquain!

Many thanks for hosting this week, Carol. Now let’s bring on the poetry and a very happy new year to you all!


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