A Wonder-inspired Hummingbird Haiku #PoetryFriday #BirdDay

It’s Poetry Friday and Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup has all the poetry goodness being offered up today. Perhaps you’ll join us? Jama has a lovely May Day celebration waiting for you.

— Christie Wyman, 2019 (draft)

I’m celebrating Bird Day (not to be confused with National Bird Day) a day early this year. As I write this post, I am awaiting the arrival of my first hummingbird. My feeder has been up for three weeks now, as these tiny creatures have been spotted in the area. Each time I pass the window that looks out upon the feeder, I can’t help but take a glance.

I wanted to create a new poem in honor of these tiny beauties, so for inspiration I turned to Wonderopolis’ Wonder of the Day #556: Do Hummingbirds Really Hum? Several poetic Wonder Words were waiting there for me! Word Swag offered up lots of fabulous hummingbird images, and I was lucky enough to find one that demonstrates that unique pendulum swinging motion the hummingbird uses while it’s hovering. There’s an amazing video on the Wonderopolis page of someone hand-feeding a hummer! Don’t miss it!

And while we are awaiting their grand entrance, here are two of my earlier hummingbird-inspired poems.

waiting patiently.png

Tiny bird.png

Thanks for hosting this week, Jama!