Trying Out Morning Pages #SOLC18

Many in our growing tribe of writers have referred to Morning Pages. This term was new for me, so I followed their lead, read Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write, and here we go. This morning was my first morning to try the pages. I wrote all three longhand, as you do, and then, after reflecting on the process, decided to type, edit just a bit, and slice. You don’t usually share your Morning Pages, but I’m relatively new to writing daily and I think the process and journey are fascinating enough to share just this once. Please forgive me, purists. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.43.49 AM

I’m tired on this Saturday morning. It’s 7:00 AM and I’m just sitting down to begin my weekend routine. This is late for me because my husband and I were out later than usual last night at a celebration in the school district where I teach. We arrived home at 9:30 PM and were tucked in by 10:00 PM, but read until 10:30 PM. While in theory this isn’t THAT late, when you are used to getting home by 6:00 PM and having time to settle in and wind down after a long week, it’s late.

So here I sit on the blue couch in the living room next to my husband. He has already dived into his Saturday morning routine of reading and writing. He’s got a book, laptop, and a notepad all going at the same time. He’s writing a book in his spare (hah!) time, and today got started at 6:30 AM. That’s late for him. He is usually up and reading — just reading — by 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM at the latest, but he was a terrifically supportive husband and came to the school celebration with me last night. In the summer months, when the weather is warm, you can find him as early as 4:00 AM on the porch reading. He loves 4:00 AM, and was actually just telling the husband of a colleague we met at the party last night (who is also writing a book in his spare time) about the virtues of 4:00 AM. 3:00 AM is still nighttime, and 5:00 AM brings the sounds of the world beginning to get going — cars, trucks, etc. At 4:00 AM all you hear is the dawn chorus growing gradually and a few other nocturnal creatures stirring. I never join him at 4:00 AM, but occasionally at 5:00 AM, if we’ve had an early night. But it’s usually closer to 6:00 AM. I try to start with reading and then a bit of writing, usually with Teach Write’s wonderfully prompts that arrive dutifully in my email in-box every morning. I am trying very hard not to start with my laptop or tablet. I know there are emails in my in-box, blog posts to read and comment on, and social media feeds to scroll through — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — and always in that order. It’s my routine and I’m not sure why I stick with that order, other than that’s the order in which they came into my life — email, then Facebook, then Twitter, and finally Instagram. I find if I start with technology-based activities, I easily fall down the internet’s seductive rabbit hole, and before I know it, the clock says I’ve run out of “me time” and I’ve got to get going with errands, chores, and life. So for now here I sit with notebook, pen, mug of coffee, and blank pages waiting to be filled.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of Slicing in the challenge. (If you want to take a peek at the Padlet of writing ideas I’ve created, I’m happy to share. Click here! It grows every day.)