Who wants toast? #SOL20

One of the small joys of 2020 (yes, there were some!) has been my husband and I being home together more than usual. School shut down for me on March 11 and he had been home full-time since October 2019 working on a book. All of a sudden, we were together 24/7.

Around 9:30 or so each morning, during one of my ZOOM breaks and when he needed a break from writing, we’d start getting a little hungry. I’d say, “Who wants toast?” We’d laugh at this because a.) it’s just the two of us and b.) the answer was always yes! We loved this daily ritual and, to be honest, were sad when summer came and our daily routine changed a bit. Toast at 9:30 ceased. Then, in September, I returned to school and he took a job at the Middle School in the same district. We commute together, but sadly, no toast is prepared.

So today, the day after a terrible storm here in Massachusetts, and a fully remote day called due to the power being out in our respective school buildings, guess what happened at 9:30? TOAST! While the bread was in the toaster, and I was gathering together butter and a knife, my husband said, “I missed toast every day.” Me, too.

On the Fourth of July #PoetryFriday

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! The creative and talented Linda Mitchell is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog, A Word Edgewise. Won’t you join us there? This week Linda is celebrating Tabatha’s Summer Poetry Swap, In One Word poems, and the Fourth of July, of course!

If you are new to Poetry Friday and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

I, too, am celebrating the poetry swap. This week I received this stunner of a journal/poetry collection made by Linda herself. 

It’s a very cool junk journal made from an old book that she’s painted, decoupaged, added little pockets for poetry, and bits of inspiration here and there. I absolutely love this and can’t wait to let it inspire me!

And onto the Fourth of July. This Fourth has a different feel to it, doesn’t it? A little more mellow, sedate even. No fireworks, no parade, no large gatherings. Today I’m quietly celebrating through poetry. Marilyn Singer graciously granted me permission to share her festive poem, On the Fourth of July, which was featured in The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog and Other How-To Poems. I adore this collection selected by the late Paul B. Janeczko and published by Candlewick Press in 2019. Marilyn’s poem has me longing for Fourths gone by. 

On the Fourth of July

Let’s hope one year from now we’ll be able to safely gather to “Oooh!” and perhaps “Ahhhh!” together. 

Many thanks to Linda for hosting this week’s roundup. Be well and have a happy and safe Fourth, friends!







Words Take Wing #PoetryFriday #NikkiGrimes

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Irene Latham is hosting this week’s festive gathering on her blog, Live Your Poem. Won’t you join us there? This week we are celebrating the one and only Nikki Grimes and her amazing accomplishments. If you don’t follow Nikki on Twitter (@nikkigrimes9), you are missing out. Her words are uplifting and always inspiring. And her recent memoir in poems, Ordinary Hazards, is on top of my summer stack waiting for me one week from today when my school year FINALLY wraps up. 

If you are new to Poetry Friday and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

The inspiration for my poem is Nikki’s fabulous verse novel Words with Wings and it’s heroine, Gabby. I threw out “words with wings” to my Kindergarten poets, and one astute young naturalist/writer said words having wings reminded him of dandelion seeds floating in the air. His image served as the seed for my poem. 

Words take wingMany thanks to Irene for hosting this most joyous of roundups, and for all of Nikki’s words that have taken wing and flown into our hearts. Be well, friends!







More Poem-ish Pieces #PoetryFriday #NatureNurtures2020 #PoemsOfPresence

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Mary Lee Hahn is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog, A Year of Reading. Won’t you join us there? Mary Lee has a wonderful intro to the work of poet Marilyn Chin. Mary Lee is prepping for a conversation she’ll be facilitating with her soon. I’m signing up. How about you? 

If you are new to Poetry Friday (I’m looking at you, Teach Write friends!) and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

Here is my own personal round-up of #poemsofpresence for the week. What a fun challenge this was! Many thanks to Michelle for hosting at Today’s Little Ditty and Margaret for masterminding this challenge! All four of my poems were inspired by moments in or around my garden and farmer’s porch (a.k.a. our summer living room).

farmer's porch perfume counter

Why is it

the scribbled note

hostile takeover

Many thanks to Mary Lee for hosting the roundup this week. Be well, friends!



Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 12.34.21 PM




Cardinal Calls #SOL20


Slices behind the #PoemsOfPresence.


For many years, our alarm clock has been set to the same station and the same time — our local NPR affiliate, WBUR, at 4:50 AM. I know that sounds boring and awfully early, but we are pretty routine-oriented in our home and are “early-to-bed-early-to-risers.” That’s just what happens when two writers live under one roof.

Lately, though, someone is beating the clock. It used to be a robin, but not anymore. This virtuoso — or I like to believe it is the same singer each morning —  starts his warm-up as early as 4:15 and really gets going around 4:30. We love his song, and when the alarm kicks in and the final segment of BBC programming begins, we hit the snooze button, so the concert may continue.



Thanks for wondering and wandering a bit with me today. And many thanks to the crew at Two Writing Teachers, and the extended SOL community, for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life here every Tuesday throughout the year and daily during the month of March.

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