Test Slice of Cake


Trying out a new dessert recipe on guests is always exciting, but feels a little bit daring. Will it be moist enough? Does it need whipped cream or ice cream on the side? Is it too sweet? You want your guests to reply, “Yes, please!” when asked if they’d like another slice. You don’t want a dessert disaster to be their lasting memory of your evening together, leaving them reluctant to pay your dinner table a return visit.

This is the first year I will be participating in the Slice of Life writing challenge. I am very excited, but nervous beyond belief! You see, I’m new to this writing thing. Sure I’ve “written” all my working life — 10 years in advertising and public relations, 20 years in teaching — but never so public as the SOLSC.

So this is a bit of a test. I’m nibbling off a tiny bite of a sliver to see how it feels. Making sure it tastes OK. Here goes!


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