Any day now! #SOLC19


It’s going to happen any day now.

I’m sure of it.

The snow will soon be gone from the slope,

melted by the sun’s rays on these early spring days.

The ground, once frozen, and all perennial vegetation will become exposed.

And there they will be.

Those two tunnel openings,

entrances and exits.

How many times have we blocked them up,

only to find them open again just hours later.

And then I’ll see him.

He’ll be sitting there sniffing the earth and nibbling.

Always nibbling.

First my flowers,

then my vegetables.

Everything and anything he can get his foul-smelling, furry paws on.

My nemesis.

Marmota monax.

Any day now, it’s going to happen.


Note: Longstanding readers of this humble blog are familiar with my ongoing battle with one of our neighborhood groundhogs. (Click here to read more.) We have many, and they strip my garden clean every year. 


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my third year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to writing and learning along with all of you.

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11 thoughts on “Any day now! #SOLC19

  1. I was expecting the usual flowers or green grass popping out of the ground so your ending had me smiling! Yet, I know the challenge of rodents who bury themselves in your yard and raise havoc with it! Good luck, you are going to need it!


  2. Oh those burrowing rodents! We don’t have that problem, but we have deer who annihilated my Hostas last summer. I don’t see a single green shoot this spring.
    Any day now…I’ll replant whatever they tell me at the nursery is deer proof!


  3. “All perennial vegetation will be exposed.” This sounds like a buffet to your furry little annoyance. Sounds like the groundhogs are as predictable as the season changing. Some things just are NOT welcome! Sunshine yes, flower eaters, no. 🙂 Hope they decide to eat more nuts instead this year.


  4. I could relate to your post. We have a groundhog too, and have named him Ray. I am not sure why we chose to name him, because we are not crazy about him and do not want him to be a part of our life. I guess it’s because the damage he causes is minimal compared to what the rabbits do. Spring has sprung.


  5. I appreciate the way you offer us a story with suspense in the form of a poem. I had no idea what kind of intruder, undesirable would appear at the end. Alas, a groundhog with whom you are well acquainted. Was not expecting that!


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