Sunday Afternoon at Walden Pond #SOL


My husband and I have a standing date. From 3:00-5:30ish pm on Sunday afternoons, when the weather cooperates, we stop whatever we are working on and go for a walk or short hike. This past Sunday wasn’t your typical April Sunday. Just a few puffy clouds drifted across the brilliant cerulean blue sky, and it was in the 70s. After a week that brought rain daily — several days a deluge — it was a welcome change. Rather than a walk in the woods, which might be quite muddy after the wet week past, we opted for a stroll around Walden Pond’s “Pond Path,” which is the sandy beach at the water’s edge. If you’ve not visited, Walden Pond is a truly magical place. It holds a special place in my heart, as you can tell by my photos featured on the “header” of this blog. I am truly grateful is just a brief 15-minute drive from my home in Massachusetts.

DSCN6114The unusually high temperature for an April day brought out many walkers, fishing enthusiasts, and even a few bikini-glad sunbathers and swimmers. What would Henry David Thoreau have thought of that?

DSCN6117I love the way the sunlight glimmered on the water like a stream of shooting stars across the sky. (Click here to see and hear the water lapping the shore and see the “sunlight stars” sparkling.)

DSCN6125What a lovely view of the pond Henry had from his cabin, yet he was tucked safely away amongst the majestic pines. How peaceful and serene his time in the woods must have been. His “experiment” was a truly productive time for him, but I’m not sure if I would have been able to focus. Being surrounded by such natural beauty day in and day out would distract me…I think. And despite his reputation for being a hermit of sorts during this time, he hosted many visitors and walked back into Concord often. It’s a wonder he got any work done.

Come visit me on Poetry Friday, as I’m working on an “experiment” of my own — a tanka (extended haiku) inspired by the water’s edge. Until then, peace.


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for giving us the time, space, and encouragement to live the writerly life each Tuesday.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon at Walden Pond #SOL

  1. How fortunate you are to live by Walden Pond. Your post is so thoughtful and including image, word and sound is quite spectacular. If I lived nearby, I too would visit often. I have been there several times at different points in my life. I often wish to hear the sound of the train, even though it bothered Henry.

    Do you know the Henry picture books by Johnson?

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  2. This was such a sweet escape for me this evening! When I visited your blog for the first time it was the header and the quote that pulled me in. Absolutely beautiful! And, how nice is it that you have a standing date with your husband every Sunday. You’ve captured some stunning photos here. Thanks for the virtual field trip!

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  3. I love Walden Pond, but haven’t been in quite a few years! I used to work in the Waltham Area so I would occasionally walk/run there. It’s been too long, so thank you for reminding me how pretty it is and that I miss it! We are not too far away, in Dedham so need to get the family up 128 for a trip soon! 🙂

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  4. Christie, the photos and nature sounds provided me with a quick respite after a busy day. Here are some thoughts you should use in your tanka:
    lapping the shore
    “sunlight stars” sparkling
    Your short video should be included in the spring gallery (quick peak into my thoughts: I am titling the new gallery, Springscapes).

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  5. The photo of the sunlight on the water’s edge truly looks like stars in the sky – amazing. How sweet that you and your husband have created some sacred space for your relationship. For such a young person, you are wise and centered. The tracks of your writing have been laid in this reflection. Now I’m looking forward to reading your poem on Friday!

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