Here we go! #SOLC18

Hoorah! Hooray! It’s finally “opening day!” Of the annual Slice of Life Challenge, that is. Lots of slicers will be introducing themselves today, so here goes! I’m borrowing a great idea Kristina at Writing and Laughing shared the other day — a bio poem — with just a few tweaks.


Teacher, novice writer and poet, Wonderopolis Lead Ambassador, bird lover, and vernal pool obsessed

Hopeful, enthusiastic, and caring.

Wishes to encourage wonder in her Kindergarten students.

Dreams of visiting Japan one day.

Wants to plant a garden that the groundhog who haunts her won’t eat.

Who wonders when climate change doubters will see the light, if it’s not too late. 

Who fears she won’t accomplish all on her bucket list.

Who is afraid of snakes.

Who believes that Kindergarteners should have time to play each and every day.

Who loves Francis, her husband of 27 years.

Who plans to finish hiking the South West Coast Path on England’s Jurassic Coast, which she began last summer.

What would your bio poem say? I hope you’ll try writing one so we can get to know you!


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of slicing in the challenge and I’m looking forward to living and learning along with all of you.



20 thoughts on “Here we go! #SOLC18

  1. Thanks for your introduction. It reminds me of the bio poems I do with my first and second graders. I love the way this format speaks to celebrating our unique identities.


  2. I love your Bio Poem! What a great way to show who you are, rather than tell! This would be a great device in a classroom. I also noticed that your blog title, Wondering and Wandering, pops up in many aspects of your bio poem. Thanks for a great idea and a wonderful poem.


  3. Love the bio poem–especially this line: “Who believes that Kindergarteners should have time to play each and every day.” Our school systems really need to get back to honoring PLAY as the important work of our youngest learners.


  4. I love that you called it OPENING DAY! It’s a great sports metaphor for what we’re embarking upon today.

    Beautiful bio poem. I, too, believe Kindergarteners should have time to play each and every day. Heck, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth graders too! Maybe all of us!


  5. Christie, You r post is so perfect for day 1! Brilliant idea. I have tagged this post to add to my ideas file – I hope you don’t mind. You are also inspiring me to try more poetry forms this year!


  6. Absolutely LOVE your bio poem! What a great way to introduce yourself. I believe kindergarteners need time each day to play too! I’m definitely going to be borrowing this format! Thank you for sharing!


  7. Love getting to know you better. I did a bit of introduction in my first slice, too. I’ve not done that before, taking a different sort of risk, right? Happy slicing!


  8. Okay, officially obsessed with this Slice and I have added it to my list of potential Slice ideas (it’s perfect for one of my ‘I don’t know what to write today’ days! Thanks for introducing yourself, and sharing a little bit of yourself! Best of luck, you’re off to an awesome start!

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  9. Love this and the idea. (I will be borrowing this at some point through the month!) Can totally relate to the “groundhog” we have a “few” living under our shed every year and they like to chomp on our veggies and plants we try to grow :O) Good luck with that, and your hike and all the things you want to accomplish on your bucket list! 🙂


  10. Add me to the list of people loving the structure of your piece. I really, really, really want to hear about your hiking! That sounds amazing! I just finished reading Remarkable Creatures (thanks for the recommendation!) and want to know if that’s part of the area you traversed.


  11. Great post Christie, and I am definitely adding Bio Poem to my ongoing Google Doc of SOLC18 ideas. I need a lot!

    PS, I love your husband’s name, and I too am afraid of snakes :/


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