EdCamp Worries — Part Two #SOLC18

A follow-up slice to yesterday’s EdCamp Worries.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 8.40.24 AM

(Excited EdCampers ready to go!)

Will I get there this morning OK?

The weather looks good and the roads are clear. And I’ve been there before.

I sure did! Don’t you love it when the traffic light goddesses are looking down on you? You hit one green, you hit them all!

When they scan my ticket, will it work?

It always has. And if it doesn’t, you’ve got the hard copy in your hand, silly.

They didn’t even scan it! Just found my name on the sign in sheet, flashed my driver’s license for security reasons (it was at Microsoft, after all) and off I went. Sweet!

Can I find a seat near a charger?

It’s at Microsoft, silly. There are outlets EVERYWHERE!

Never dipped below 75% all day, as there were plugs on every table and floor surface imaginable. Again, it was Microsoft. They get it!

Will anyone talk to me? Will I be brave enough to speak to anyone?

You always find someone to talk to.

Educators really are the nicest people, aren’t we? Everyone talks to everyone. As soon as I sat down for the welcome session I learned the women on either side of me had come to EdCamp alone as well. One was a brand new teacher and EdCamp first-timer and the other a veteran teacher and fifth time camper. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 8.48.24 AM

(The ever-evolving schedule on Google Docs. Lots of great topics!)

Will anyone propose a session that interests me?

They always do?

So many great sessions, it was tough to choose. I ended up at Elementary STEAM, Don’t Burn Out/Light the Fire, Library Redesign, New to Twitter (I’m not, but went to offer support) and Meetings Don’t Have to Suck!

Will I be brave enough to post a session and get the ball rolling when the time comes?

You did last time. And if the spirit doesn’t move you today, no big deal.

Feeling brave enough, but didn’t need to this time around. There was plenty on offer that interested me. Maybe next time. Thought about one entitled Teachers as Writers!

I hope they have pizza!

They always have pizza!

They did, and plenty of it. A little salad, too, just to be healthy. And did I mention the plenty of bagels and coffee to start and cookies and brownies to wrap thing up? And it’s all free!

Why am I worried? This is my 3rd EdCamp Boston (4th EdCamp if I count EdCamp Seacoast, which I tried this past fall.)

Because it’s all unplanned and it can go lots of ways. Relax!

No need to worry. I don’t think I will from here on out, unless they change the location again. This is year two in a fabulous location that’s easy to get to and has tons of parking.

I should have this down to a science, but…

To be continued! I better go get ready, or I’ll be late!

I got this!


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of Slicing in the challenge. (If you want to take a peek at the Padlet of writing ideas I’ve created, I’m happy to share. Click here! It grows every day.)


16 thoughts on “EdCamp Worries — Part Two #SOLC18

  1. Thank you for the honest post and your internal struggle and dialogue! We are such planners as teachers but can change on a whim! We work with children! But the anxiety never fails to grab us.
    These events sound really cool. I need to find this format close to me


  2. What a creative and clever way to revise your post from yesterday! I want to show this to my students who are struggling to find ways to re-enter a piece of writing and see it fresh. (I also had to laugh at the “Meetings Don’t Have to Suck” session. I’ve got a few administrators I want to send to that one!)


  3. I love the EdCamp concept, Christie, and have presented at several. I also have run #NYEDChat live. It is always great to meet up with connected friends and make new ones. Enjoy!


  4. Oh now I am really jealous! Maybe I’ll be able to make the event next year!
    I love how you added to your worries post of Saturday into Sunday’s glories!


  5. I love how you “revised” this post to include the update. And YES Teachers as Writers would be the perfect session for you to lead! I am so glad it was a great learning day for you.

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